Sweater Modifications for a Custom Fit, on Craftsy

One of my favorite things about my job is teaching. I love teaching the love of sweaters to knitters all over the country, and I wish I could do it more often! Unfortunately, one of the biggest frustrations in this new career is that I simply can’t be everywhere, all the time.

(Scratch that. It’s one of the biggest frustrations of my life, not just in this career!)

So I’ve really really enjoyed working with Craftsy these past couple of years, to offer my very popular Knit to Flatter class through their platform. (Click that link for $20 off if you haven’t taken it yet, by the way.) It allows me to work directly with students, whenever and wherever they are. I’ve loved the interactions I’ve had with the 13,000+ students enrolled in the course.


So I was absolutely delighted when they asked me to do another class.


It’s called “Sweater Modifications for a Custom Fit”:


The class was super fun to film, and covers a lot of sweater topics that I’ve been teaching these last couple of years. While my first Craftsy class included a little bit on fit, I kept things pretty general! Knit to Flatter was focused mostly on the visual elements in enjoying your sweaters, instead: Why you might like V- or scoop-necks instead of crew necks, for example, and tips on how to branch out from there.

This class leaves body shape and visual elements behind, and focuses instead on everything else that goes into a successful sweater – and there’s lots to cover, there, from fabric, to stitch patterning, to fit specifics, and beyond. Want a little more detail? In the 7 lessons, I’ve included:

  • A class pattern. I wrote up a choose-your-own-adventure style pattern specifically for the class. It’s worked in two yarns – the budget-friendly Naturespun Sport and the pricier but oh-so-luscious Rowan Lima. There are cardigan and pullover options, and two sleeve lengths, and two necklines. So you get the benefits of working through a class pattern, without being constrained to one specific look.
  • Detailed Fit Modifications. In this class, I get nitty-gritty about how to make all of the modifications you need in a sweater – from measuring to choosing a size to working modifications within the super-easy system and formula I’ve streamlined over the past 5 years. I even talk about those pesky sleeve caps!
  • Fabric and Style choices. I talk about what sweaters need, fabric-wise, and how to tell if your fabric has it. I talk about fiber, and how it affects fabric in the context of a sweater, and when you might want one thing vs. another. I talk about where you might place stitch patterning in a “blank slate” sweater, and what considerations you might make around that.
  • Finishing things off. I give a quick crash-course in blocking, pinning together, and seaming your sweater to round off the course.

I had a wonderful time filming it, and I hope you enjoy it too! You can take the class via this link for 50% off!

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Have a great weekend!