Clearview Cardigan

When I first laid my excited little hands on Solitude Wool’s Coopworth sport, I was struck by both its lightness and luminescence. It’s a lovely, bouncy wool, with a soft halo and snug little stitches:


And knit up into large sections of fabric, it’s incredibly lofty. I knew an A-line cardigan was just the thing for this lighter-than-air material. I like the way a scoop neck pairs with 3/4 sleeves to visually balance out the wide bottom of an A-line cardigan, and thought top-only buttons would be a nice detail. With the basic shape settled, I turned to stitch pattern.


I was ready to knit something less plain than Stockinette, but didn’t want the garment to be too fussy – it was important to me to let the yarn shine. (If you don’t know Solitude Wool, please go and read. They’re doing important things, well, and their wool is lovely.) A simple Windowpane texture turned out to be just the thing – it almost looked too subtle in my swatch, but once it covered all of the fabric, I loved the effect.

clearview-final-2 clearview-final-6 clearview-final-3 clearview-final-8

I hope you love Clearview as much as I do. Click here to make your own, and happy knitting!