A snuggle-up pullover with just a touch of flair.


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Sizes: Twelve sizes; intended to be worn with about an inch (or 2.5 cm) ease in the upper torso. Shown in size 38½’’ / 98 cm. Amy is wearing the sweater with 1⁄2’’/1.5 cm ease in the upper torso.

Final Measurements:
Bust measures: 29¾ (31¼, 34¼, 35¾, 38½, 40, 41½, 44¼, 45¾, 47¼, 50¼, 54½)”/75.5 (79.5, 87, 90.5, 98, 101.5, 105.5, 112.5, 116.5, 120, 127.5, 138.5) cm
Length from hem to shoulder: 18½ (19¼, 19¾, 20¼, 21, 21½, 22, 22½, 23¼, 23¾, 24, 24½)”/47 (49, 50, 51.5, 53.5, 54.5, 56, 57, 59, 60.5, 61, 62) cm

Featured Materials:
The Knitting Boutique Severn DK [Blue Faced Leicester and Silk] (240 yds/219 m per 113 g hank), shown in color Amber: 4 (5, 5, 5, 6, 6, 6, 6, 7, 7, 8, 8) hanks or approximately 913 (984, 1067, 1114, 1227, 1282, 1347, 1428, 1517, 1595, 1715, 1872) yds/833 (898, 973, 1017, 1120, 1170, 1229, 1303, 1384, 1455, 1565, 1708) m

Gauge: 22 sts & 28 rows = 4”/10 cm in stockinette stitch. Recommended needle size of US 6 / 4 mm.

Pattern Notes: All photographs copyright Jonathan Herzog 2014. Model: Amy Herzog. Technical editing by Alison Green.

Courant is a figure-flattering take on a classic pullover with modern touches. The ultra-long sleeves and wide turtleneck balance one another out; combined with the short sweater length, they give a balanced and timeless look to the sweater.

The sweater is worked in pieces from the bottom up and then seamed; edges are trimmed in a combination of broken rib and seed stitch. The wide, shallow turtleneck is added after seaming.

The Knitting Boutique’s Severn DK is a beautiful Blue Faced Leicester and silk blend from a farm local to the Knitting Boutique shop, in the greater Baltimore area. It is dyed in a beautiful, subtle, utterly clothing-appropriate set of colors and provides a lovely drape and luminosity to the finished fabric. If you choose to substitute yarn, choose a blend with elasticity and drape, with a soft hand.

Courant offers great options for all body types. As written, the wide neckline, combined with the super-long sleeves and short sweater length, make a proportional figure shine. The broken rib lines up the sweater sides, and thick sleeve edging, accentuate waist curves. Top-heavy shapes might consider narrowing the neckline slightly and/or lengthening the body. Bottom-heavy shapes might consider shortening the sleeves (either just slightly, to avoid the “legwarmer” look, or to a different length entirely). Shortening the sleeve ribbing would also be effective.

Vertical darts enable easy customization to fit your needs. Should you desire less waist shaping than specified, either omit the shaping rows entirely, or omit/reduce only the shaping on the front of the sweater. Bustier women can work more increases on the front of the sweater, and not in the back. Extra stitches should be decreased into the neckline.

As with all patterns, compare the schematic against your own measurements and make alterations as necessary.

Courant may be purchased in one of two ways from my ravelry pattern store:

  • As a standard pattern for $7.00 (with CustomFit recipe included in addition to standalone pattern instructions). This is a pattern very much like any of my others; it includes complete instructions for all 12 sizes, plus modification advice and a detailed schematic. To purchase the standalone Courant pattern for $7.00, click here:
  • You may also purchase a CustomFit recipe (without standard pattern instructions) for $2.50. The CustomFit recipe provides full instructions on how to use CustomFit to make a Courant that will fit you perfectly from hem to neck and everywhere in between, including:
    • Which construction options to choose to get Courant in the fit and shape as shown above
    • Instructions for adjustments and additions to the “blank slate” CustomFit pattern to achieve the look shown, including broken rib trims and drapey wide turtleneck neckline

    To purchase the CustomFit Recipe ONLY for $2.50, click here:

Which should you choose? It depends on whether you’re typically comfortable knitting (and modifying) a pattern as written, or whether you’d really like to get instructions that fit you well with no modification required.

Please note: The CustomFit recipe requires the purchase of a CustomFit pattern, for $9.99 to get a complete set of instructions.

Thanks for your support!

courant-final-3 courant-final-8 courant-final-6 courant-final-4

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