A versatile, textured cardigan for everyday wear.


Sizes: Twelve sizes; intended to be worn with 1-2’’/2.5-5cm ease in the upper torso. Shown in size 34 1/2’’ / 87.5 cm.

Final Measurements:
Bust measures: 30 1⁄4 (31 3⁄4, 34 1⁄2, 36, 37 1⁄2, 40 1⁄4, 41 3⁄4, 43 1⁄4, 46 1⁄4, 47 3⁄4, 50 1⁄2, 53 1⁄2)”/76.5 (80.5, 87.5, 91.5, 95, 102.5, 106, 110, 117.5, 121, 128.5, 136) cm
Length from hem to shoulder: 20 (20 3⁄4, 21 1⁄4, 21 3⁄4, 22 1⁄2, 23, 23 1⁄2, 24, 24 3⁄4, 25 1⁄4, 25 1⁄2, 26)”/51 (52.5, 54, 55, 57, 58.5, 59.5, 61, 63, 64, 65, 66) cm

Featured Materials: String Theory Blue Faced Sport [100% Blue Faced Leices- ter Wool]: 252 yds/230 m per 115 g hank, shown in color Skerry: 3 (3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 5, 6) hanks

Gauge: 22 sts & 32 rows = 4’’/10cm in Stockinette Stitch. Recommended needle size of US 5/3.75mm

Pattern Notes: All photographs copyright Amy Herzog 2013. Technical editing by Alison Green.

Cushman is a great layering piece for patio dinners on chilly Maine nights and clambering around the shoreline anytime. Its worn-open style can be dressed up or down, and looks good layered over anything. The textured stitch is interesting, but not fussy or difficult since it’s a simple knit-purl combination. Simple, narrow garter trim keeps things neat and clean.

The cardigan is worked in pieces from the bottom up and then seamed. The shorter sleeves are warm while staying out of your way, and the seams provide the garment with stability and keep it in place on your body despite the lack of closures. The narrow vertical opening slims the torso and offers a peek at a super-sweet top.

String Theory’s Blue Faced Sport is an incredible 100% wool from the Blue Faced Leister breed. It is soft, warm, with a beautiful sheen to the fabric. The subtle way this wool takes color reminds me of the soft palette of nature, and is shown off to perfection with the simple allover stitch pattern. The yarn has an excellent hand and is a perfect match for this cardigan; should you desire to substitute yarn you will need approximately 584 (640, 693, 733, 794, 858, 903, 969, 1040, 1100, 1180, 1284) yds/533 (584, 632, 669, 725, 783, 824, 884, 949, 1004, 1077, 1172) m.

Cushman offers great options for all body types. As written, the narrow neckline, 3/4-length sleeves, and narrow cardigan opening makes top-heavy figure shine. Proportional shapes might consider lengthening the sleeves to break up the line of the hips; bottom-heavy shapes might shorten both the sleeves and the sweater..

Vertical darts enable easy customization to fit your needs. Should you desire less waist shaping than specified, either omit the shaping rows entirely, or omit/reduce only the shaping on the front of the sweater. Bustier women can work more increases on the front of the sweater, and not in the back. Extra stitches should be decreased into the neckline.

As with all patterns, compare the schematic against your own measurements and make alterations as necessary. Or, for the first time, create your own Cushman without doing any math at all by using the CustomFit recipe included in the pattern. Your choice!

Cushman may be purchased from from my ravelry pattern store for US$7.00 or by clicking here:

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cushman-1 cushman-3 cushman-5 cushman-2

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