I’m so glad to have you on board!

Before launching CustomFit in your shop, it’s important to be comfortable with what the site can do. Here are my recommendations for getting started quickly, and successfully. (Want this page as a printable PDF download? Click here!)

I recommend you start by getting familiar with the three basic steps of CustomFit: 

Step 1: Swatching for fabric, not gauge. 

CustomFit creates patterns to the knitter’s gauge – no more “matching” or “getting the right” gauge! The only thing that matters is whether the fabric is good for the sweater you want to knit. 

This is something of a mind-shift, so spend some time swatching and thinking about gauge this way yourself, before helping your customers!

Some resources to help: 

Step 2: Measuring smoothly and consistently. 

You’re required to offer (fee-based) measurement services, and they’re the key to a great sweater. Please choose one person to take measurements, and have them practice until they’re smooth and consistent: circumferences shouldn’t vary by more than 1” (2.5 cm), lengths by more than ½’’ (1.25 cm). 

Some resources to help: 

Step 3: Making sweaters. 

Different stores launch CustomFit in different ways – but all stores should be comfortable with what CustomFit can do. 

So explore the site! Be sure to generate patterns in a few different ways – via designs, the custom sweater builder, with and without changing measurements on the “customize fit specifics” screen. Play around with different yarns, and different shaping. Knit your own sweater – or at least start one! 

Some resources to help: 

All stores should create a simple display letting your knitters know that CustomFit is available. Here’s an example: 


Have questions? 

Let me know! Truly. You should always feel free to write to me at [email protected] – I want to hear from you!