CustomFit LYS: Store Resources

These handouts, information sheets, and marketing materials will help you get the most out of CustomFit in-store. 

Have you thought of something you’d like, but don’t see it here? Please let me know by dropping me a note at [email protected]


Printable, fill-in information sheets for the most common CustomFit tasks. All are printable either in black and white, or color, at the standard sizes noted next to the document. Initially, we had an agreement with a small printing company to print glue-top pads on high-quality paper. We found that most stores simply printed the sheets locally rather than use this more expensive option, but if you’d like us to reinvestigate this option, reach out and let me know! 


Printable sheets that may be helpful to give to your knitters – particularly newer sweater knitters. Do your knitters need something that’s not here? Please, let me know! 

  • Abbreviations List (letter-sized PDF; gives expansions for abbreviations used in CustomFit patterns)
  • Swatching for CustomFit (letter-sized PDF with full-color photo; gives instructions on basic swatching and gauge measuring for CustomFit)


These downloads include things you might find useful for in-store and online display and general marketing around CustomFit. I’ve broken them into three sections: 

  • Basic CustomFit assets like logos and an in-store announcement that you carry CustomFit in-shop; 
  • Event-focused assets like curriculum suggestions and my “Year of Sweaters KAL” posters; 
  • Design-focused cover sheets that you can print into spiral-bound “look books”. These are great ways to get knitters excited about a sweater – and I recommend you make two. One, a “Basics” lookbook, can be filled with the designs that I’ve created to work well with any yarn. Another, a “Designs” lookbook, includes sweaters that have specific guidelines on fabric and/or more complicated stitch patterning. Designs are listed in order from newest to oldest.
  • If you’re seeking recipes: I don’t recommend steering customers toward using CustomFit in a “recipe” way until I’ve re-worked the “recipe” concept into something that feels as DIY as it is. (I’ll be working over the summer of 2016 on recipes, mash-ups, and more advanced CustomFit use.) 

Basic CustomFit resources:  

Event-focused resources: 

  • Curriculum ideas and case studies (printable PDF; gives stores some ideas on how to work CustomFit into your class offerings and yarn sales methods)
  • “Year of Sweaters” KAL posters. I am finding online-focused, square-shaped and badge-formatted image assets to be the most helpful. If you’d like me to create a letter-sized printable PDF option just let me know! (Please note that I work a new poster up each time, and that I tend to do so in the latter third of the previous KAL. I’ll update links as I create posters.)

Design-focused cover sheets – CustomFit Basics: 

The CustomFit “Basics” are collections of sweaters that I’ve designed specficially to work well with any yarn. I tend to release them in collections, but they’re all available at any time here on the “Collections” page of CustomFit. 

Design-focused cover sheets – Built-in Designs:

CustomFit’s built-in designs typically incorporate more in the way of stitch patterning, requirements on fabric, or some other aspect that precludes them from being a basic. Maintaining a single “lookbook” file got difficult as I released new patterns, so instead I’m sharing a PDF for a lookbook cover, and then individual pages for all CustomFit designs, listed alphabetically but grouped by sweater shape – sweaters with waist shaping under the “hourglass” section, straight-sided sweaters under the “straight” section, and so on. 

Sweater Coversheets: