I want you to be as successful as possible in helping your customers become happy sweater knitters – and it’s my hope that CustomFit will help. These LYS-focused training handouts and videos cover everything from core CustomFit training to marketing and sales advice for sweater yarns to LYS-specific customer support tips. Want me to add something in particular?  Please let me know by dropping me a line at [email protected]

Training Handouts

These downloadable PDFs have great information in a form that’s easy to print out and peruse later. 

Core CustomFit concepts

General sweater tips

Advanced CustomFit topics

Training Videos

Knitting is fundamentally visual, and videos are sometimes worth thousands of pictures in figuring out what makes sweaters successful. I’m in the process of re-shooting a lot of LYS-specific video content, but in the meantime, the publicly-available videos I’ve made on topics from measurement to great sweater fabric are great resources as you get CustomFit up and running in your shop. 

Public videos on CustomFit topics

  • Measurement video playlist – this collection of videos includes instructions on how to take CustomFit measurements in the three main groups: Essentials, which can be used for basic, long-sleeved straight, a-line, and tapered sweaters; Extras, which are necessary for sweaters with different sleeve and body lengths, and sweaters with waist shaping; and Optional measurements that can be used to achieve greater control over the shoudler fit of the sweater you’re creating. 

Public videos on Sweater topics