Lucas Point

Caulfield was one of my early sweater patterns, and my very first design collaboration with the amazing Kim McBrien Evans. It all began around our shared love of the tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Kim created a color, and I created a design, inspired by a favorite character. I loved it then, and I love it now.

Caulfield is still one of my favorite designs. So when Kim and I were chatting about our 2017 make. wear. love. west design, I proposed an update. Kim had recently created a speckled gray colorway that I adored, and I knew it would look great in Caulfield’s allover slip-stitch pattern:

I wanted this version to be longer, with garter stitch trims at the sleeve cuff and sweater hem. (The button band is still reverse Stockinette.)

Purl bumps change the character of variegated yarns in a way I love: Something about the nature of garter and reverse stockinette blends the colors almost impressionistically. The horizontal (hems) vs. vertical (button band) contrast of the color changes adds to the design. I definitely recommend a shaded solid, or lightly-variegated, yarn for Lucas Point. (The sample is shown in CaribouBaa, a light merino sock yarn, in the color “Epiphyte Club”.)

And, as much as I loved the hourglass shaping in the original, CustomFit just can’t gracefully handle it. So I sketched and swatched, and we settled on an easy A-line silhouette instead:

The result? A new favorite – Lucas Point is so easy to wear. I’ve thrown it on over a tank on a warmer day when I want just a little bit of chill-protection; I’ve worn it (several times!) over my favorite butter-soft denim tunic when it’s cool.

I hope you like Lucas Point as much as I do! You can make one in your size and gauge on CustomFit. (Just be sure to swatch in the slip-stitch eyelet pattern!)