CustomFit Basics: W/S 2015

Think you’re not a sweater knitter? Think again.

Because you are. You can be. And helping you become someone who creates their own favorite clothing is what CustomFit is about.


CustomFit Basics collections are twice-yearly presentations of the classics of our time. Those fundamental, wear-every-day sweaters we can’t wait to throw on. Ready for you to interpret – in your own materials, for your own wardrobe. For Winter/Spring 2015, our inaugural collection, we’re presenting a mix of timeless, tried-and-trues and updated interpretations of the garments we wear every day.

Want to download a lookbook to glance through and dream over? We’ve got you covered!

CustomFit will create them in your own gauge, and your own size. So tell us:

What kind of sweater knitter are you?

Eddy: A cowl.


Welcome to cozy town! The cowl is an utterly scrumptious silhouette, wrapping you up in the best knitting has to offer. Eddy features a rich cowl of 12” (30.5 cm), a longer length, and long sleeves with luxuriously deep ribbing. It’s shown in relaxed fit, but looks great no matter what.

This sample was knit in Rowan Alpaca Chunky, a warm, soft bulky yarn. Its chainette construction makes the yarn incredibly light for its size, and envelops a lot of air, making it particularly warm and cozy. It’s pleasantly springy to knit with, and lovely to wear. I used the color “Wren”, at a gauge of approximately 3 stitches per inch, and this 42″ (ish) sample used around 12 balls.

Cove: A fleece vest.


Give your favorite fleece a serious upgrade by making one that fits you perfectly, out of a yarn you absolutely adore. This cardigan vest features a warm mock turtleneck, plenty of buttons, and 2×2 ribbed trim except on the armholes, which get discreet applied i-cord. With a low hip length and relaxed fit as shown here, you’re ready for an utterly cozy day.

This sample was knit in Rowan Brushed Fleece, an incredibly light bulky-gauged yarn with incredible warmth and fuzz. I used the color “Tarn”, at a gauge of approximately 3.5 stitches per inch, and this 38″ (ish) sample used around 6 balls.

Inlet: A crew-neck cardigan.


It doesn’t get a whole lot more classic than a crew-neck cardigan. This one features a perfect neckline for layering, 3/4-sleeves, and showcases some of your most stunning buttons. All edges are trimmed in twisted 1×1 ribbing. Amy is wearing this sweater in an average fit, but it looks great in a relaxed fit too. (We recommend choosing a “close” fit with cardigans if you’re going to wear them over an extremely thin layer like a cami.)

This sample was knit in Harrisville Designs Highland, an utterly fantastic 100% virgin wool spun locally in New Hampshire. It wears like a dream, comes in about a billion colors, and is one of Amy’s all-time favorite sweater yarns as it just keeps getting better and better with age. I used the color “oatmeal”, at a gauge of roughly 4.5 stitches per inch, and this 40″ (ish) sample used just north of 4 hanks.

Firth: A v-neck pullover.


A basic V-neck sweater ranks at the top of most women’s wardrobe staples. And with CustomFit, yours can suit you perfectly. This version has a nicely deep neckline, 1×1 ribbed edgings, and a classic length. Its long sleeves keep you warm, and though it’s shown here on Lauren in a relaxed fit, yours will look great in all fit choices.

This sample was knit in Quince and Co Lark, an all-American 100% wool that’s soft, sustainable, and that comes in a variety of great colors. I used the color “Iceland”, at a gauge of approximately 5 stitches per inch, and this 38″ (ish) sample used 10 hanks.

Reservoir: An open cardigan.


Who doesn’t love an open cardigan? They’re comfortable and flattering. Make several for yourself out of different
favorite yarns, and wear this great style year-round. This version has a comfortable long length, classic 2×2 ribbed trim, and enough coverage that it won’t be falling to the sides all the time. It’s shown here in an average fit, but would also work well in a close fit. (Relaxed fits are trickier with a worn-open style – the cardigan will tend to move around more as you wear it.)

This sample was knit in Classic Elite Firefly, a great blend of linen and viscose that’s beautiful, drapey, and functional. It wears well over time, it’s very comfortable to knit, and comes in a wonderful color palette. I used the color “Bark”, at a gauge of approximately 6 stitches per inch, and this 40″ (ish) sample used just over 10 balls.

Shoal: A v-neck vest.


V-neck sweater vests make a perfect first dip into sweater knitting. They’re simple, practical, and look great on just about everyone. This one features a classic silhouette, a just-deep-enough neckline, and twisted 1×1 ribbed trim throughout. It’s shown in a close fit on Beth, but will look great no matter which fit you choose.

This sample was knit in Blue Sky Alpacas Extra, a super-luxe blend of alpaca and merino. It has exquisite stitch definition, a lovely heft, and comes in generously-sized hanks. I used the color “Fedora”, at a gauge of approximately 4.5 stitches per inch, and this 37″ (ish) sample used just under 2 hanks.

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