General Purpose Custom Pattern Credit


This credit will allow you to create one CustomFit custom pattern of your choice, starting with any design built into the CustomFit engine. It never expires, and will always be good for one pattern of your choice. Once you purchase this credit, it will appear in the “ready to customize” section of your CustomFit account – click on it to get started.

CustomFit is my custom sweater pattern generator. For any design built into CustomFit, you can save a gauge and measurements of your choice, and get a custom pattern written to your gauge and preferred fit.


CustomFit is my custom sweater pattern generator. It makes custom knitting patterns that are written specifically to:

  • Your Measurements: You can save up to 10 measurement sets in your account, and make patterns for any of them.
  • Your Gauge: You can save unlimited numbers of swatches in your account, and write patterns custom to your specific gauge. In other words, “getting gauge” is a thing of the past!
  • Your Choices: From sweater silhouette (a-line, tapered, hourglass, straight) to sweater length to sleeve length to sweater fit (close, average, relaxed, or oversized), you can make your sweater pattern exactly the way you want it.

This $12.50 credit will allow you to create a custom pattern for any of the designs built into CustomFit, whenever you like – it never expires. Once purchased, a “general purpose” credit will appear in the “Ready to Customize” section of your CustomFit patterns page:

You can either start customizing a pattern by clicking on the “ready to customize” image, or by visiting the CustomFit “available designs” page and starting there. Your choice!

Please note: The credit can be used for any design built into CustomFit’s design database, or a “build your own” design. Happy knitting!


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