Sunset Drive

Contrary to popular opinion, pullovers make fantastic warmer-weather sweaters. Though it’s helpful to knit them out of a fairly lightweight yarn. Sunset Drive is a great case in point.


I think it’s high time that fingering-weight sweaters get back into the limelight. They deserve it.

You’ll never wear a hand-knit as comfortable as a fingering-weight sweater.

They’re light, they’re comfortable, and their fabric tends to be much, much closer to the kinds of fabric you can find in the store than that which we typically make with our hands. This means that the sweater will move against your body, and feel more like, a store-bought fabric. They’re absolutely exquisite. For Sunset Drive, I chose a shaping-on-the-back-only crew neck silhouette, with a super-wide lace panel on the (straight) front. I then added a lace panel on the roll-em-up sleeves, but only to a little bit above the elbow, giving some shape and style to this more relaxed silhouette. I love the result, and I hope you do too.

Although it was a hard choice (so many great yarns!), in the end I had to go with Anzula Squishy, in the Yarnover Truck-exclusive colorway “Minty Unicorn”, for this sweater. The tiny arrowhead lace on this garment is a snap to work, and would look great in any of Anzula’s wonderful colors.

Sunset Drive is also built right into CustomFit, so whether you’ll come along with me and knit fingering sweaters or not, it can still become your next favorite garment. (Did I mention Anzula also makes one of my favorite worsted-weight MCN blends?)

sunset-drive-final-4 sunset-drive-final-3 sunset-drive-hanger-1 sunset-drive-hanger-2

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