Did you know that CustomFit can make patterns for kids now, too?

Vendavel is a stylish update to a classic crew-neck cardigan. It features garter stitch trim and 8 adorable buttons, and it works well for both kids and grown-ups, in any gauge you like.

Vendavel is built directly into CustomFit, and (unless you change it), will be an average-length, long-sleeve cardigan with crew neck shaping and slim Garter stitch trims everywhere: The hem has 1.5” (4 cm) of Garter, the sleeves 2.5” (6.5 cm), and the button band is just 1.25” (3 cm). Brenna is wearing this cardigan with a child’s close fit.

Vendavel is a straight design, so your sweater pattern will have no waist shaping. The hem and chest/bust will be equal. You can use any measurement set to create this pattern.

vendavel-finals-7 vendavel-finals-3 vendavel-finals-5