Knit to Flatter

Photographs by Karen Pearson.

If a piece of clothing doesn’t work for you? It’s the clothing’s fault, not your body’s.

We forget this. But we shouldn't.

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Look - Amy's the opposite of a "what not to wear" lady. She thinks you're gorgeous. She loves your personal style. Amy thinks you should wear the clothing that makes you feel completely awesome.

But how can you tell what makes you feel completely awesome?

Clothing changes the way you look to the rest of the world, and that change is something you can (and should) control. So that you appear how you want to appear.

Knit to Flatter is about learning to celebrate the body you have been given, and creating sweaters that make you look and feel great.

Part instruction manual and part pattern collection, Knit to Flatter teaches you how to assess your shape and then knit accordingly.

Amy present silhouettes and styles that work with each body shape, along with four ideal sweater patterns per category. Several more designs are then given to work especially well with various figure elements, like a large or small bust or curvy or straight waist.

Of course, all designs are crafted to be easy to modify, and include suggestions for tailoring the sweater to your needs. Like all of my designs, each pattern is written in 10 sizes, and the garments are photographed on a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some samples even include bust darts, and those sample instructions are provided with the pattern.

Curious to know more? Here are some of the topics covered in depth:

  • What a body shape is, and why it's so much more important than your size.
  • How clothing changes the appearance of our underlying shape.
  • How to determine your own body shape and take measurements to get a perfect fit.
  • How to compare your measurements against a schematic, and identify the changes you need to make as you're knitting.
  • All of the math you need to actually make those changes, from waist shaping to bust darts and beyond.

Interested in the designs? Here they are:

Andie-2 Chimera-2 Chimera-3 Classique-4

Coin-Cable-2 Cypress-2 Dansez-1 Delish-1

Dorica-1 Draper-2 Draper-3 Eloria-2

Enrobed-1 Enrobed-3 Flutter-1 Holloway-1

Minx-1 Oceanic-1 Squared-1 Stoker-1