Knit Wear Love


Knit Wear Love is to sweaters what Knit to Flatter was to bodies: A comprehensive, clear-talk guide toward getting a garment you want to wear.

And in this case, "want to wear" means that everything about that sweater fits seamlessly into your own life and your own wardrobe. Amy helps guide you toward choices that will make you happy in terms of

  • fibers and fabrics
  • fashion styles
  • size and modifications
  • detailing and stitch patterning

All in the context of an easy mix-and-match system to the sweaters. The book is broken out into 8 common sweater "silhouettes". For each, Amy wrote a "meta pattern" that allows you to choose your own adventure toward whatever mix of gauge, style, and two customization options you'd like. All options work well together - which means there are at least 72 different sweater patterns depending on how you slice things!

Knitting the Patterns is Easy-Peasy with Downloadable Worksheets

Sound like a lot of numbers? Never fear! She's also created handy write-in worksheets so that once you decide exactly which options you're choosing, you'll be able to follow a single, clear file while you're knitting. When you're ready to knit a sweater, download the correct worksheet and fill it out with the numbers that are relevant to the particular sweater you're working on. That way, your knitting is simple - just one set of numbers to follow!