About Amy Herzog Designs

About Meg

No one is entirely sure when Meg learned to knit. At some point in her childhood, her mother put needles into her hands in an attempt to get her to sit still for ten minutes and here we are decades later. She’s an avid knitter of all things but since she knit her first CustomFit sweater in 2015, sweaters have taken over. In March 2021, she became the new owner of CustomFit Knits, and the steward for Amy Herzog Designs patterns. She believes in the transformative magic of a garment that fits you perfectly, and that everyone deserves that feeling from their sweater knitting.

A data scientist in her day job, CustomFit combines her interests in knitting and having computers do math for us. Meg shares her home with her husband (Matthew), and her dog (Jeremy) on the East Coast of Canada.

About Amy

Amy has retired from Amy Herzog Designs and CustomFit Knits, and is currently enjoying her return to being a private citizen knitter.  Her passion to help knitters make sweaters they love to wear drove her to create the CustomFit pattern generator and knitting calculators, and write four books: Knit to Flatter, Knit Wear Love, You Can Knit That, and The Ultimate Sweater Book. Amy has been knitting since she was a wee thing, and tech-crazed since she created her first Lego/LOGO robot in 7th grade.

(Little known fact: CustomFit was almost a giant Lego robot that knit the sweaters for you.)

Her sweater designs have been featured in Rowan, Vogue Knitting, Knitscene, Interweave Knits, Twist Collective, and more. She’s been on tv and teaches classes online at Craftsy. She lives in Connecticut with a bunch of boys, cats, and wool.

About Kate

You might also hear from Kate Atherley, knitting teacher and author extraordinaire, who helps out.

Close-up of knitting author and teacher Kate AtherleyKate is Knitty.com’s Managing Technical Editor, and a seasoned designer and teacher of all things knitterly.

She has been teaching knitting professionally for more than 15 years at stores and events all over Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Her latest book, Custom-Fit Hats is her ninth, and the fourth in a series on customizing projects for perfect fit and style; it joins works on shawls, socks, and mittens. Her focus in all her work is the empowerment of knitters, illuminating both the methods and mechanics of the craft. The combination of her university degree in mathematics, professional experience in software development and usability, and training in garment and fashion design give her a unique perspective. She also works as a technical editor, helping other designers and authors bring their work into the world. She lives in Toronto with her husband and the family of skunks under their porch.

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I love yarn and sweaters as much as you do! Find me and chat happy sweater face online at any of the social media sites to the right. Or:


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