Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain is home to one of the best mogul ski runs in the US, I’m told, and moguls leapt to mind as I was swatching this deceptively-simple cable pattern. The cables criss-cross near each other like glorious little snow mounds, and look absolutely brilliant in the warm, heathered colors of Berroco Ultra Alpaca.

Cables, heathered yarn, and a super-classic silhouette come together in this addition to CustomFit’s “straight-shaped” choices. Unisex and suitable for both adults and kids, Copper Mountain has a flattering V-neckline, long sleeves, and an average length. All edges are trimmed with 2×2 ribbing (2″/5 cm on the hem, 3½”/9 cm on the sleeves, with a 2″/5 cm button band), and you can find instructions for the shadow cable pattern by clicking here.

Please note that Copper Mountain is a straight design, so your sweater pattern will have no waist shaping. The hem and chest/bust will be equal. You can use any CustomFit measurement set to create this pattern.

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