sweater talk

There’s more to sweater knitting than just knitting technique. The resources I’ve collected here will guide you through the “you” part of knitting a sweater – from getting a fabric you like, to choosing a size well, to determining the styles and elements you’ll love to wear, to modifications you might need to make.

I can’t wait to see what you create!


Getting a fabric you love should be step one in any sweater you knit. Your garment will be made out of it, after all!


The silhouette of your sweater is the shape it makes when its laid out on the table. What shape is the neckline? How long are the sleeves? Is it a cardigan, pullover, tank? These visual elements affect how our body shapes look.


We all have our very own style, whether or not it relates to what we see in fashion magazines. Your style is simply “the kinds of clothes you love to wear” – and you can make your hand-knits feel right at home in your closet with a little know-how.


The simplest way to make sure your sweaters fit, effortlessly, is to create them with CustomFit. Period.

Sometimes you’ll want to use a traditional pattern, though – so here’s how to do that well.

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