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My most recent book, You Can Knit That makes sweater knitting manageable – with useful information on the different kinds of sweaters, how to choose yarn and swatch for them, keeping sweater knitting simple… …plus 24 super-wearable patterns. If you're not sure where to start with sweaters, this book is for you!

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I want You Can Knit That to give knitters a great base of knowledge for all of the different ways we can knit sweaters. In the first chapters (“Before the Knitting”, “During the Knitting”, and “After the Knitting”), I cover everything the pattern won’t tell you about making your sweater successful: From fiber and yarn to swatching and schematics to seaming and more.

Then, I tackle each of 6 major construction styles in depth: Vests, Drop-Shoulder Sweaters, All-in-One (or Integrated Sleeve) sweaters, Raglans, Yokes, and the Set-In Sleeve. Each chapter gives you the basics for that construction, a child-size “mini” sweater to get your feet wet, and 3 adult sweaters that are timeless classics of the style.

I’ll sign and personalize every book purchased, so be sure to let me know the recipient’s name in the “Notes” section of your order. For more information on You Can Knit That or any of my other books, please see the books section of this site.

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