Spanish Bay

Spanish Bay is an effortlessly-elegant cardigan that’s just perfect for summer.


Ask any knitter what sweater she prefers to wear in warm-again-cold-again weather, and a cardigan will top the list. And there’s lots of truth to those preferences!

Cardigans are easy to take on and off, forgiving in terms of fit, and flattering to all.

And I’ve personally always loved the slightly thicker, cotton store-bought cardigans that I wore on the beach, growing up. Spanish Bay is a nod to that nostalgia.

It’s made in Rowan’s Purelife Revive, which seems to have taken the place of the old Summer Tweed in their yarn line-up. I love this yarn. (For that matter, in terms of summer yarns in general? Rowan’s seriously got it going on.) It’s a lovely, heathered tweedy yarn made out of recycled cotton, silk, and viscose, so you get all of the nuance of color as from a traditional tweed… …but it’s smoother on the hands, less grabby, and all around a pleasure to knit. We chose the color 475 “Scree”, and Beth is wearing the sweater with a “close” fit.

Spanish Bay is built right into CustomFit, so all of the numbers in the pattern are crafted to your specific gauge and your specific body. If you haven’t tried CustomFit yet, Spanish Bay is a great place to start.

spanish-bay-final-3 spanish-bay-final-2 spanish-bay-hanger-1 spanish-bay-hanger-2

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