KWL Pattern Worksheets

I set out to make the patterns in Knit Wear Love as useful as possible – so each pattern is written in 12 sizes, 3 gauges, and includes two mix-and-match customizations. That’s a lot of numbers!

To make your knitting as smooth and enjoyable as possible, I’ve created these blank worksheets for each meta-pattern in the book. When you’re ready to knit a sweater, download the correct worksheet and fill it out with the numbers that are relevant to the particular sweater you’re working on. That way, your knitting is simple – just one set of numbers to follow!

Happy knitting!

KnitWearLove_p045 KnitWearLove_p067 KnitWearLove_p078 KnitWearLove_p099 KnitWearLove_p117 KnitWearLove_p137 KnitWearLove_p157 KnitWearLove_p172

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  1. […] organizing all the numbers by gauge and size, and then each meta-pattern has a fill-in-the-blank worksheet version, where you can fill in all your specifics for the sweater you want to knit.  Great way to […]

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