Mind over matter

I am no longer fighting with the Socks that Rock.

However, this is not because the socks pictured in my head are anything close to becoming a reality. I sucked it up and tried alternating between three strands of yarn. There is still a noticeable stripe-pattern:

If it were producing the sock in my mind, I would happily and without complaint deal with the pain-in-the-butt three strand knitting. Since it isn’t, and I’m not very far along into the first sock, I’m just going to rip and re-wind the yarn, and put it into storage until I’ve gotten this mental image out of my head. I think, if I change my expectations, I’ll actually like them stripey. So, off to the stash bin with the str for a month or so!

Which let me pick up Bea again:

Yup, that’s a second sleeve. I haven’t been to the yarn store to pick up more yarn yet, so for the moment I’m just plugging along until I run out. Hopefully before a week has passed, I’ll have another FO and have regained my mojo.

I think I might even get bold enough to cast on for Eleanora socks in a solid (!!) purple Lorna’s Laces.

1 thought on “Mind over matter

  1. I can’t wait to see that little jacket finished! I think putting the str into time out was a good move. 🙂

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