Hello again, lovely knitters! I hope everyone had a great week, and a fun Halloween. I spent this past weekend in Santa Fe, soaking in the Southwestern sun and gazing at golden aspens – and teaching knitting, of course. In knitterly news, I finished the last sweater sample for the…


Autumn Round-Up

Happy October, lovely knitters! Fall is one of the best times to be a knitter, don’t you think? Crisp air, the excuse to pull all of the hand-knits out of the closet, and (of course) casting on new projects. With the book now officially out in the world, I thought…


Style’s a-changin’, and Ultimate Sweater Boxes

Hello, lovely knitters! I hope this springtime is finding you well, and at least a little warm if you’ve got a winter that’s hanging on too long! It’s been ages since I’ve written you here, but lots has been happening for sure. If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or…