Style’s a-changin’, and Ultimate Sweater Boxes

Hello, lovely knitters!

I hope this springtime is finding you well, and at least a little warm if you’ve got a winter that’s hanging on too long! It’s been ages since I’ve written you here, but lots has been happening for sure.

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you’ve heard about my Ultimate Sweater Boxes already. But today, I wanted to introduce the boxes to you here, and talk in a little bit more depth about how the design for this box came about.

Before I dive in, though, one quick-but-important thing: There are only a handful of boxes left of each color at this point, and I’ll be closing down orders on Saturday, May 5 at 5pm Eastern. So if you’re interested in a box, please act quickly!

And if you’re confused, and want to know what on earth I’m talking about…

Ultimate Sweater Boxes!

Most of the time, I try to create designs that are as flexible as possible. This is especially true if I’m designing for CustomFit: any sweater in the site needs to work in a huge different range of fibers and gauges. This is a lot of fun! And I really enjoy the challenge of it.

But it does keep me from diving into a silhouette that really needs a particular yarn pairing. And last fall, I realized I really missed designing this way. Further, I get tons of questions about making the perfect yarn choice, and the classes where I discuss matching materials to design are always jam-packed.

So I started playing around with the notion of the perfect combination of silhouette and yarn. From there, I plotted how I could partner with knitters to help at various important points in a sweater. And from there… …well, the idea of a sweater box was born.

The Ultimate Sweater Boxes are thoughtful, ideal combinations of yarn and design, all bundled up with my advice and help. They’ll come out a few times each year, and each one will only cost what the yarn and pattern would (if sold separately).

But you get a lot more:

  • Both printed and electronic copies of the pattern;
  • All of the luscious yarn you need to make the sweater;
  • Styling tips and advice on sizing, swatching, and more;
  • Personal notes from me talking in depth about the materials, design, and how they work together…

…plus access to a private page of tutorials and helpful info.

The Inaugural Box – Isham Road

I’m starting things off with the design Isham Road:

And I’ve chosen the ultra-luxe Crave Yarns Caravan to make this silhouette shine. Isham Road is a current, easy-to-wear, easier-to-knit oversized drop-shoulder tee. With all of that fabric around your body, you want it to drape and move magnificently!

Enter Caravan. It’s soft, it’s lustrous, and it has a beautiful hand. I’ve chosen 5 strong, wearable colors. It’s lovely to knit with and the perfect match for this design.

You can see the sweater boxes here, and order them until May 5 at 5pm Eastern. (Most sizes are $150 and will take 4 hanks of yarn.) They’ll be on their way to knitters around the globe on May 9.

If you’ve got questions or comments, ask away! The boxes have received a wonderful reception so far and I’m so pleased that you’re all as excited about this as I am.

But I also wanted to talk, today, about why I started the sweater boxes with a piece that’s a lot more oversized and boxy than what you usually see from me.

Why Isham Road?

The short answer is: My own style has changed over the past several years.

The longer answer is: When I started the “Fit to Flatter” blog series that kicked off my knitting career, my style was pretty heavily skewed toward tailored, fitted pieces. I was just about 10 years younger, for one, and had a corporate job for another. Here are a few of my own sweaters from that time:

And let’s just be clear – those sweaters are great! There’s nothing wrong with fitted sweaters, and if that’s where you are, style-wise, that’s awesome.

…but that hasn’t been where I’m personally at for, uh, quite some time now. I’m not sure when things changed, to be honest. But at some point over the last 5 or 7 years, I started choosing fluid, draped clothes over tailored, structured clothes.

I’m still a fan of simple clothing and clean lines. But the stuff I see myself wearing in selfies is looser, now. A-line, or dolman, or tunic-length, or super-giant and really drapey. I actually wear the drop shoulder sweaters (while the fitted stuff languishes).

So when I was ready to create the first sweater box, I knew I wanted to make a piece I’d positively live in. In fact, I created a prototype before the actual design, and I live in that too. (Despite all its problems.)

Not that I need a reason to design something looser or less-fitted, I suppose! But I feel super personally excited by this design. And I guess I wanted to share a bit about my own style journey, and where Isham Road fits in.

(Don’t worry, I’ll still design plenty of tailored things. I’ll just continue to branch out more, too.)

How about you? How has your style changed over the last 5 years? Are you still wearing the same things?

16 thoughts on “Style’s a-changin’, and Ultimate Sweater Boxes

  1. That does look comfy…and for myself as I get older with the accompanying “fluff” around the middle, it would be very nice to look as good sitting down in my knits as standing. If you know what I mean! …all that buldging the knits seem to highlight. Lol. My only concern about “oversized” tops is that the neckline also not be oversized. I personally don’t like my tops sliding off my shoulders. Is the neckline quite wide in the pattern? It doesn,t look like it in the photos, but can be hard to tell.

    1. That’s a great point about the neckline, Nita – and it *should* be the case that if the garment is designed to be oversized, the neckline will be sized for the intended wearer (rather than matching the bust).

      In Isham, the untrimmed necklines range from 8 – 11 3/4” wide from the bust sizes 40 – 70”; even the largest size shouldn’t fall off too many people’s shoulders!

  2. I’m happy to see you branching out to less structure clothing. I’d love to see a tunic that’s fitted through the bust and shoulders flowing into a draped a line. It could have some sort of interesting hem. I haven’t been buying your pattterns as often because I’m looking for more interesting stitch patterns and body shapes. That being said I’m still using your basic patterns and plugging in interesting stitches. I recommend you to call knitters.

    1. “…a tunic that’s fitted through the bust and shoulders flowing into a draped a line”

      Ooh, you’re speaking my language. 😀

  3. Will Isham Road be released as a pattern at some point?

    1. Yep! After the boxes go out – I’ll be sure to mention it here on the blog and on social media.

      1. I can’t wait!!! I WANT TO MAKE THIS but have too many SQs lanquishing in my stash already. I have a beautiful Merino silk cashmere that I think I’ll use for this.

  4. Love the idea and the pattern. My style is more flowing so this really works for me. But living in South Georgia means that I would never wear this sweater in the included yarn (Caravan). Will the pattern be released separately? Also, a warm climate option would make my knitting year.

    1. Absolutely, I’ve got you covered Barbara! I recommend Classic Elite Firefly as a non-wool and/or summer-weather alternative to the Caravan. It looks great at the same gauge, and is nice and drapey. The fabric will be a little thinner, and won’t have quite the same sproing (for lack of a better word), but it’ll be a magnificent garment.

      And yes, for sure – I’ll release the pattern after the boxes go out into the world.

  5. Thanks for this, Amy. I was never big on super-fitted garments (I’m a top heavy hourglass), but as I’ve moved into my 40’s I definitely value comfort. And that’s emotional as well as physical comfort
    This looks like a lovely design and your patterns are always a pleasure. The box is out of my budget at the moment, but I’ll look forward to buying the pattern and finding the bestvyarn option for me.

  6. It’s beautiful! However, with MY body being pear shaped, I’ve learned that oversized, comfy sweaters/tops just make me look bigger all over. And for that reason, I’m so, so glad for Custom Fit!

  7. I have just discovered Fit to Flatter. I know! I’m late to the party. So I’m proportional – an apple really. I fear this style isn’t going to flatter. What do you think?

  8. Will the patterns be available on Rav. without the yarn?

  9. Lovely collection! These sweaters are so cute. I want these sweaters for me. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Nice, comfy sweater for those who prefer flowing things (not this busty, petite person) but please don’t forget us on the tailored/fitted side when you make up future Ultimate Sweater Boxes. I will buy one!

  11. Oh Amy,
    I just love you!! I mean really just love you. This sweater is speaking to me on so many levels. I really watched what sweaters I wore this winter and saw a very quick pattern emerge. I wore looser, more tunic styled sweaters and I was comfy and that is important. Even my Custom Fit sweaters are in the relaxed fit, so that if my comfort zone. I just bought the pattern and am so happy.
    Thank you for all you do!

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