Bea Bea Bo Bea, Fanana Fanna Fo Fea…

Bea is not yet finished, due to an impromptu trip to CT this weekend. However, I did get it blocked and partially seamed up, and knitted the button bands.

(And but of course I have progress pictures to show you.)

I like the fabric resulting from a steam block better than a wet block, with the soft baby. The sweater retained all of its fluffy goodness.

And it behaved itself, too. The edges got nice and flat, and the pleat in the back stayed put very well. Oh, and did I mention fluffy goodness?

Ready for a Mother’s Day seaming party. (I was thrilled that among the day’s festivities was time for me to sit and watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkeban while knitting. Hooray!)

Seaming the first button band:

…and the second is all sewed on too:

I’m looking forward to at least knitting the collar tonight. Soon, sooooooon it will be done!

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