1 2 3 FOUR 5, 6 7 8 NINE 10, 11 12!

(Did you, too, watch too much Sesame Street in the late 70s/early 80s?)

Glory Hallelujah, I present Square 12:

This was going to be this wholly triumphant entry about how I finished all of the seaming and weaving in ends, and only had the border left to do, and la de da de da, but…


I attached the last strip of squares to the blanket on the wrong side. And now the nice alternating pattern of vertical squares and diamond-like squares is broken. Since I’m entirely too anal to let that slip by, out comes that last seam and here we go again! It shouldn’t take long, though.

And then, holiday knitting! I have very, very much to do. In my dream-ideal-land, there are a few adult sweaters, a couple of scarves, an indoor little knitted cap for my bald husband in his drafty classroom, sweaters for friends’ children, etc. etc. etc. Maybe a shawl, probably some socks… you get the idea. So here’s a poll: What should I knit next?

  1. An adult sweater, something simple and mindless
  2. An adult sweater, something fun and complicated
  3. That damn Harry Potter scarf I’ve been putting off for MONTHS
  4. That very nice, sure-to-win-me-points scarf for FIL
  5. Socks! Everyone loves socks!
  6. A baby sweater!
  7. A shawl!
  8. Something else!

(Yes, yes, I know I’m not going to get everything done. I’m okay with that. It’s still fun to try.) Some of the yarns I have on deck include Calmer, Pure Merino, Richesse et Soie, DB Cashmere Cotton, DB Wool Cotton, Manos, Kid Mohair, Zephyr, Misti Alpaca, Helen’s Lace, Silky Wool, Schaefer lace-weight… uh, and any possible sock yarn you can think of probably. Feel free to vote by yarn, if you’d prefer.

So! What should I knit next?

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