That darn fir cone lace cardigan simply refuses to be photographed.

Well, okay. It’s not so much the cardigan’s attitude at stake, here. Hopefully soon! Gnaaahhh!


I’m on the last lace repeat of shoalwater and I’m starting to get mighty nervous about the yarn shortage potential. So I brought her into my LYS to get advice from the shop ladies. They’re of the opinion that:

  • I miiiiiiiiiight squeak through and be okay,
  • They have some nice Misti Alpaca in a soft brown that would work if I want to bind off in a contrasting yarn,
  • It’s not strictly necessary to end on the exact row Evelyn Clark specifies. (The instructions: 4 full repeats, then rows 29-50 once more. Why? I have absolutely no idea.)

So at least I have options! While I was there, I found this:

How could I resist? As homesick as I am for a New England fall? It practically leapt into my hands, I tell you.


As I was inwardly cursing myself late last night for falling behind on my Knitting Schedule, wondering how I’m going to get all of this holiday knitting done, plotting out exactly how much holiday knitting I can do once we go back East in 2 weeks, and who I’m not seeing until after Dec 25, and etc. etc. etc., I had a realization.

This is my hobby. And being a full-time parent of a particularly active toddler means that I only have one. If I’m not enjoying this, I’m doing something wrong. So I let myself accept the fact that I am simply not going to do even a fraction of the knitting I’d hoped to do. I don’t even want to work particularly hard at this. I’m going to finish the shoalwater shawl and the phyllo pullover, both of which are already on the needles, and then I’m going to knit precisely what and when I want.

Loved ones in my life, expect great knitted things to arrive out of the blue at random points over the next year, rather than in one fiber-crazed orgy at the holidays. Because I’m having some fun with my knitting, over here.

6 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. Amen, sister! My problem with holiday knitting is that I make a small, manageable list, and it somehow grows. I started out with a stocking, a pair of socks, and a scarf, and have added another scarf and mittens and maybe fingerless gloves….

    The first Christmas where I decided to make everyone gifts left me with the same feeling you have. While everyone else went shopping and visiting and having fun, I was scrunched over my knitting, furiously trying to beat the calendar. So this year I’m doing the two scarves (one is drop stitch and hardly counts), the stocking and socks are finished, and that’s all. (I’m itching to get into the Socks that Rock!)

  2. What a cute photo – your son, I mean, rather than the yarn. I can see why you have difficulty photographing that sweater.

  3. I think that your friends and family will understand about the late gifts. Just send them a picture of that sweet boy to mollify them. And gorgeous new yarn!

  4. Good for you to have made such a wise decision. That sweet little model does not need a Mom who is frenzied. The random gifts of knitting will be more appreciated than a tired Mom, wife and knitter. It took me about 50 years to learn that, but you are a quick learner!!

  5. Please – the lovely skein of Autumn colors? What is it and is it available somewhere ?

  6. Your blog is an artform….such beauty. It’s wonderful. My wife makes afgans and scarfs….I’m sure she’ll be impressed by your work.

    God has blessed you richly.

    Merry Christmas,

    John Ewing

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