FO: An indoor cap

Hubby doesn’t have the greatest track record with respect to knitted things. Every single sweater I’ve pointed out has been dubbed “ugly”, he basically only wants knitted things out of sport-weight or lighter in charcoal or black. In other words, your typical guy. 🙂

Until last week, the only thing he’d ever requested was a 1×1 rib black scarf over 6 feet long–not something I’d want to repeat. Last week, though, he mentioned that his (shaven) head was getting really cold in his office and classrooms.

Pattern: Generic hat pattern, adapted for my gauge and his head.
Yarn: Ornaghi Filati Cashmerino, 1 ball charcoal and a smidge of a ball of khaki; knit on US3 needles
Time Elapsed: Not even 3 days
Thoughts: I did a tubular cast-on for the first time on this project, and like most knitters I’m a convert. It’s stretchy and hugs his head very well, and looks *fabulous*.

I like the yarn a great deal and would use it again, but like most cashmere/merino blends it pills. Combine this with DH’s habit of rubbing his head, and it’s already looking a little fuzzy!! Can anyone recommend a good cotton/elastic blend, maybe?

I guess I don’t have much to say about this project… it was so simple. Anyway, he’s thrilled with the end result and I love seeing him in my hand-knits. (FINALLY!)

2 thoughts on “FO: An indoor cap

  1. Lovely hat for the husband. As for cotton/elastic blends, how about Cascade Fixation? Or, better yet, Rowan Calmer? Soft, squishy and stretchy!

  2. Great cap! The Cashmerino will definitely keep his head nice and warm!

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