Foxy FO

Two sleeves? Check.

Some kind of collar treatment? Check.

Blocked and totally done in every way? Check!

Pattern: Pure and Simple’s Shaped Neck-Down Cardi, pattern 241.
Yarn: Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca, color rust, just over 6 hanks?
Time: About three weeks from start to finish
Modifications/Thoughts: Plenty, this time. Aren’t top-down patterns written to be modified? The first modification I made was to lengthen the distance from the top until the closure. As written, the pattern had it falling well above the bust, and frankly my bust doesn’t need to look further from my collarbones than it already is. So, in my version, the clasp is at the fullest part of the bustline.

I also eliminated the ties called for in the pattern, opting to use a clasp instead.

Let’s see… I widened the sleeves a bit since my arms are large, and doubled the waist shaping since my waist is proportionally small. (I did this by adding two darts on the back of the sweater, about 1/4 of the way in from the sides.) The sweater has a decent amount of ease, but the added shaping definitely keeps it from making me look like a sack of potatoes. (This is important for me, since I really really dislike how much nursing has increased my bust size and I’m pretty sensitive about it.)

I’m really just thrilled with the way it turned out. I would probably knit the 40″ size and increase the bust with short rows rather than knitting the 44″ size, if I were to do this again–the front of the piece isn’t really shaped at all:

That’s a minor nit, though, on what is truly a fantastic sweater. The yarn is soft and warm, the sweater supremely comfortable, and the fit is better than any other sweater I own. And the color! Many, many thanks to Ellen at Purl Diva for helping me choose it. This is destined for frequent and regular wear.

Finally, as always, more information and pictures in the FO gallery.

20 thoughts on “Foxy FO

  1. SO SO gorgeous!!!! I love how perfectly it fits you, and the clasp you chose is beautiful. I’m a sucker for a nice clasp.

    Also, the ladybug sample was very cute, too, despite your misgivings about going forward on it.

  2. Hello from Croatia! This is my first visit to your site and I’m astonished. Not only by your knitting but also by your photos. You have a good, artistic eye! This red sweater is just gorgeous and everything about it is just perfect. I love the clasp, the sleaves… Since I’m only a bigginner knitter, I sincerely admire those who achive the level of expertise to make such beautiful things. I saw the ladybug swatch, it’s perfect, very neat. And, I will give myself a freedom to tell you that nursing made you beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, but you radiate something that only kids have ability to give us ;-)) I wish you all the luck and happiness and more knitting, of course!

  3. Hi from Brunswick. I found link to your blog on Ellen`s website. I am very lucky to have her store so close. You knit beautifully. I especially admire the lace shawls. I love your blog too.

  4. Amy- Your new cardi looks great on you. I love the clasp. The labybug hat is a work of art! Really!!

  5. Beautiful! Love the color!

  6. Beautiful work, as always! I love the clasp, in general, I’m not crazy about knitted ties. They always look bulky to me.

    Also, your hair looks AWESOME in that first picture. I had to hack mine off to get my curl back.

  7. Okay.

    1. That sweater is gorgeous! The color is perfect, and substituting the clasp was definitely a good call. It looks *wonderful* on you, too. (I don’t have enough superlatives here; I just woke up – heh.) Good job, seriously!

    2. You’re BEAUTIFUL. Shush. 🙂

  8. Looks fantastic on you! I love the color. Your mods really customized it for your body.

  9. Great job on the sweater!! Your mods are perfect for you. I can definitely see why you will get a lot of wear out of it – it looks fabulous on you!

  10. Wow, I really love the color on this sweater and the clasp just really makes this a BEAUTIFUL sweater. Congrats!!

  11. That is so flattering on you and a stunning color. I’m feeling the same way about how this enormous nursey bustline affects the fit of my clothes. This pattern never really appealed to me before, but I think it was the ties. Seeing yours, I’m sold. Going to pick up the patter now for sure.

  12. Wow. Wow! Amy, that’s just beautiful! It looks perfect on you: the fit, the color, everything. I too am a sucker for a nice clasp … what a great idea. Brava, brava! 🙂

  13. That’s stunning, Amy, as always!

  14. Great looking sweater! It turned out wonderfully and the color is perfect.

  15. Your sweater turned out wonderfully! A little (extra) waist shaping goes a long way to making clothing fit well and look great!

  16. Gorgeous, my dear, and absolutely stunning!

  17. Damn, girl, that is one foxy sweater! The color looks wonderful on you and the mods made for a perfect fit.

  18. The sweater is beautiful. Nice color, well suited to you. N-i-i-i-ice.

  19. Gorgeous! You did a really beautiful job. The color is great on you, too. I just knit with the Ultra Alpaca and loved it – so I can imagine how nice your sweater must feel. 🙂

  20. Beautiful sweater and it’s a gorgeous color on you.

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