She’s gotchyer fabulous prizes right there, slappy!**

(**With apologies to Becky…)

The best contests, I’ve always thought, are the ones that prompt us to do something wonderful. To not only try and get the prize, but improve life for ourselves or others in some way, too. Well, Claudia is the current queen of such contests. In June, she’s participating in the National MS Bike Ride, and she’s providing us all a little incentive to help the cause.

Yup, you read that right. Every $10 in donation to Team Claudia gives you one chance to win a fabulous prize. MS is a terrible disease, and research is actively making a difference in the lives of the 400,000 Americans currently living with it. Last year, the Ride raised $67M, almost $18,000 of which was thanks to Team Claudia! This year, she hopes to raise $20,000. Pfffft, I say. The Harlot has helped encourage knitters to raise over $300,000 for Doctors Without Borders. Surely, we can help Claudia zoom right on past her goal. To sweeten the pot, I’m offering up part of my Stitches haul as one of her many fabulous prizes:

One hank of Jade Sapphire Cashmere-Silk 2ply, in the “Forest Glen” colorway. It’s yummy stuff. Trust me. And a chance to win it (or something else in the huge prize-pool–I’m hoping for the laceweight cashmere, of course 😉 is yours for just a $10 donation to a supremely worthy cause. Or 5 chances to win it are yours for a $50 donation. And so on.

So go ahead. Do something for the good of your fellow man, and go for the goldcashmere, all at once.


In other news, the weather has turned cool and foggy here once more, and Tulip now has a back!

I’m feeling much more hopeful about the rest of the sweater, now that the back looks like an actual sweater-back and not like the Frankensteiny horror I feared. I still like the way the color is playing out, and I only had to rip once! The modifications for the front were a little trickier, but I’m still hopeful that some time in May I’ll have some new spring duds. Hooray!

2 thoughts on “She’s gotchyer fabulous prizes right there, slappy!**

  1. Tulip is coming along very well! That is really cool of you to add to Claudia’s prize pot. And what an addition! Drooool.

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