RIP, Little iMac that could

We have had our little iMac since early 2002. Almost 6 years is a lot to ask of any computer, and it served us very well. It’s been flaky a lot lately, but we assumed it would just keep plugging until we were ready to give it up. Not so much. Earlier this week, it died one final death, and so we made a field trip up to San Jose. Now, a very (very) new iMac graces my desk. Where the old iMac was cute and helpful and a little goofy, this iMac is sleek, graceful, and helpful. I almost feel too shabby to use it.

Our little lampy chose a poor time to die, and we weren’t really happy about plunking down the cash for the new one, but damn if I’m not going to enjoy it. The new iPhoto is fantastic, it’s faster than God, and the screen is so big I feel like I’m in a theater.

There was some knitting during the anxious “Is it going to come back up?” times with the old computer. I finished a monkey.

I finished a sweater.

(I’m seeing Neil this weekend, and his wife assures me he’ll agree to some FO shots, so look for a roundup next week on that one.)

I cast on for the Tangled Yoke cardigan, and I’ve swatched for my “quickie” project after the monkeys are done. It’s very. very. very. unlike me.

Any guesses on the yarn or the project?

14 thoughts on “RIP, Little iMac that could

  1. The yarn looks like some stuff I had a couple of years ago called Margarita. Mine was in a sort of soft sherbet colorway, but it looks like the same thin, velvety ribbon type stuff. Sorry, I haven’t been checking out your work long enough to guess on the intended project, but it looks like it will be very pretty and rather fallish.

  2. Oh no guesses but it all looks great! LOL

  3. I’m 99% sure the yarn is Giotto, which makes me feel like I shouldn’t even guess the project, because I remember us having a conversation about a Giotto project.

    I got a flyer in the mail from Halcyon. I TOTALLY FORGOT that the annual sale October 6. I’m torn! Do I go, or save all of my yarn money for Rhinebeck? I guess if I’m realistic, I have not knit ONE THING with the yarn I bought last year… that’s kinda sad!

  4. Lovely pictures! All the knits look great. I have no clue on the little swatch. I like the sound of your new computer!

  5. I’m dying to get over to my Apple store to see the new iMac. I’ve been using the prior version for a few years now, and I love it, but the larger screen of the new one is appealing. I thought I’d wait for Leopard before considering a switch. Do you like the new keyboard?

    Neil’s sweater looks beautiful. I don’t have a clue as to what the yarn in the swatch would be, but the colors are lovely.

  6. Ohhhhh, a new Mac. Gotta love that a MAc will go for so long in the first place, you can’t have a PC for more than 6 months without it becoming obsolete 🙂 Have fun with it! Can’t wait to see more details of the new sweater. The little row of cables is scrumptious.

  7. You finished the sweater! Damn, that was fast!

    I think the yarn is Giotto, too, or some sort of Colinette ribbon. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make with it, because I have three skeins I want to leave on the street with a Take Me sign. I’m unable to knit with it without piercing the ribbon, which makes me insane.

    Enjoy your mac! Those iMacs are nice, the screen alone is pure luxury.

  8. There is just never a good time for a computer to die, but isn’t it fun to get a new one?!?

    The yarn is Giotto, and I have no clue what you are going to make out of it, but there are some nice projects that are to be found in between the “what were they thinking” projects in some of the Colinette books.

    Hmmm, could I cheat and look in your Ravelry queue… off to try!

  9. Yarn is most certainly Colinette Giotto, fab stuff loved knitting with it!

  10. I love how all of your WIPs are made with autumn-like colors!

  11. I think the pattern is Roam from the new Knitty.

  12. Oh, I love how the Cabled Yoke pullover came out. So simple and elegant, yet visually interesting. I can`t wait to see it modelled. I have three guy`s projects on my list by the end of the year (brother in law, hubby and dad) so I am fishing for inspiration.

  13. RIP little iMac indeed. I have an iBook, and it works great, but I’m dying to upgrade to one of those sleek iMacs that are just a monitor. Is that what you have?? No guesses on the yarn but it looks squishy!

  14. Sorry your old mac died, but the new iMac is a great computer — you’ll have such fun with it (it sounds like you already have)!

    I love the colors of your Monkey (awesome sock model, too) and the swatch (can’t wait to see what it will be). Those cables on the sweater yoke are gorgeous!

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