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This weekend, Neil kindly wore the cable yoke sweater in rather warm San Jose weather so that I could snap a few shots.

Pattern: Cable Yoke Sweater from Debbie Bliss’ “Wish You Were Here” collection

Yarn: RYC Cotton Jeans, color “shingle”, 20 balls for the 38″ size (chest measurement 42″)

Time Elapsed: Well under a month. This was my plane knitting through two trips back east.

Modifications/Notes: After measuring some of Neil’s existing sweaters, I didn’t change a thing. That should actually serve as a warning to others knitting this sweater: Neil is especially tall and slender. I think the sleeves and body would have been far too long for my husband, who has a more average build.

I was thrilled when Neil picked this as his birthday sweater, because I loved the way the simplicity of the design married with things that are fun to knit–especially this shawl collar that’s shaped with short rows. Ingenious, fun, and it looks great. I also especially love the way the main cable motif is picked up on the cuffs and border of the sweater:

The heavy cotton and subtle color variations keep this a fairly casual sweater, but I like to think it is elegant enough to be at home in most settings. It’s very, very soft and pleasing on the skin. Another plus: It’s machine-washable. More importantly, of course, it bears the toddler seal of approval.

I hope he enjoys it for many years to come. You can see a few more shots on the FO page, as always.

20 thoughts on “Friendly FO

  1. Wow you did an awesome job on the sweater. I love the color and the shawl collar. Betcha he can’t wait for some cooler weather!! You are such a great friend for making a MAN size sweater.

  2. That is a lovely knit. It looks great on and what a good yarn choice!

  3. Great sweater!
    Did you choose the pattern because your friend looks like the man on the picture?

  4. Who’s that sexy guy? 😉 Seriously, thanks so much for knitting this for my boy. He’ll treasure it, and I’ll really enjoy seeing him in it. It’s truly a work of art.

  5. The sweater looks fantastic! You did a wonderful job on it!

  6. what a sweet gift! the sweater looks fantastic. i especially love the collar.

  7. I’ve never noticed that pattern before, but with your great sweater, I sent the link to my Dad for future birthday sweater approval. Love it!

  8. It looks great! It’s classic and classy too.

  9. What a great sweater! I so rarely see Cotton Jeans knitted up in an FO so I especially appreciated the pics!

  10. aww, what a great gift! i love that shawl collar, and the cables give it just enough interest without taking over the whole sweater.

  11. What a great sweater! You’re such a nice friend to knit him a sweater. 🙂

  12. Wow, that was fast! It looks great — I especially love the collar.

  13. Wow! Great job on the sweater, and I’m glad you were able to have Neil model it for you! It definitely has some fun details.

  14. That is one wonderful sweater. I love the colour, the patterning, the fit … everything. It’s rare to find a men’s sweater that looks good (i.e. not totally weird, no basket-weave stitch, but also not boring!!) and is fun to knit, but I think this would certainly fit the bill. Good job!!

  15. That is lovely. Terrific design and beautiful knitting. I almost always find I have to change the sleeve length from that given in a pattern. I really don’t think there are any standards for either men’s measurements or women’s. I usually do what you do–measure a sweater I like. I usually check length too, but a little extra isn’t often the problem that too-long sleeves would be.

  16. The sweater looks fantastic and it so well fitting. And all the details…I love it so much, I just bought the pattern book!

  17. Wow! It looks great. What an awesome gift!
    And I still can’t believe how quickly you knit it up. You’re a speed demon!

  18. gorgeous! …or, I guess I should say HANDSOME!! I love the colourway!

  19. Fantastic! I especially love the collar.

  20. Great job on the sweater! I am amazed at how quickly you finished it!

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