On Potentially Disastrous Projects

Well, let’s be fair. The Tangled Yoke Cardigan is very, very unlikely to be disastrous.

It is kind of dull, though, at least for the moment. I’m finally (finally!) done with the garter rib on the body, but those rows are still damn long. And my monkeys are done, and I’m not feeling the sock love for another pattern just at the moment.

So let’s mix things up a bit, shall we? I noted this project when it came out in the magazine, and I’ve been thinking about it since. There isn’t a project in existence less to my usual taste, so it’s taken me some time to commit. But commit I have, I suppose–it’s in my Ravelry projects list, it’s in the sidebar, it’s on the needles. The yarn I showed a few posts ago was Colinette Giotto, as many guessed, and this is the pattern.

I know, I know. There has never been a less flattering picture of a sweater. The color is awful, and it looks just wretched on the model. But stick with me, for a few minutes, and then tell me whether or not I’m completely crazy.

  • Thing #1: The model is, undeniably, pear-shaped. I am not pear-shaped. My chest will be much more in balance with my hips.
  • Thing #2: The model is also short-waisted. I am very long-waisted.
  • Modification #1: I am not using a hideous color.
  • Modification #2: I will be shortening the top by two inches. This, combined with Thing #2, will turn this tunic into a tank.
  • Modification #3: More waist decreases

So, basically, I guess, I think there’s a swan in this ugly duckling. And by shortening the top, making it more fitted, using a good color, and generally being a person with the sort of figure that looks good in this silhouette, I’m pretty hopeful things will turn out well.

So that’s it. I’ve cast on. And, this being knit on (oh my god) 11s and 13s, it’s going pretty quickly.

Am I totally insane? Set up for the UGH of the century? Or will I just get a nice, unusual, dressy tank? Who knows! But at least it won’t be boring around here, that’s for sure.

13 thoughts on “On Potentially Disastrous Projects

  1. I like the waterlilly top and I think that your modifications will be great. I wish I could look at patterns with a sensible eye instead of blindly knitting something that will never get worn!

  2. I think you’re absolutely right about the fit of the top. I’m certain that it will look great on you, especially considering your modifications! The look of the top is very “in” right now, I can’t wait to see it finished!

  3. I think the tank is really cute IF it doesn’t go over the model’s hips (or most any woman’s hips). It seems to me that shortening is all it needs! I even don’t mind the tulip-y color!

  4. The colour of the original, and the fact that it’s unblocked also makes it look frumpy. If you shorten it to fall right at the hips it will indeed look very dressy. You’re adventurous!

  5. I remember liking this top when this issue came out, so no – you’re not crazy. I think your mods will make it look lovely. If I were knitting this, I’d also shorten it from a tunic to a tank. And the color you’ve chosen looks very pretty – it’ll look great with your hair.

  6. It sounds to me like you are basically going to take the lace panel on the front, and superimpose it onto a nicer-fitting tank. I think that is the essence of what most designers do — take a shape and add some details. Who knows how it will turn out? isn’t that part of the process?

  7. Go for it! I think you’ve got some nice mods lined up for a flattering top.

  8. Sounds like you’ve got a plan!

  9. I think things 1 and 2 and all your mods are great ideas. And in those colors, I think the end product will look great on you.

  10. I always did like that tunic/tank… even in those colors, even on the model. But I think your tweaks will make it all that much better.

    Much better? Was that even remotely proper English? Well, whatever. 😉

    Also, I love Tangled Yoke, but hearing *you* say the stockinette is boring and the rows are long kinda makes me think I’d never finish it – especially since mine would be a bigger size. Heh.

  11. You have such a good eye for discovering swans in ugly ducklingns. I am sure the tank with all the modifications (I especially second mod. #2) will look fabulous on you. I can`t wait to see it finished.

  12. soooo…what you are saying is that you are not making that tank/tunic at all :O) All the modifications will definitely make it you pattern by the end. Go with what you like and damn the consequences. if at the end it looks like it should be on “what not to wear” rip that baby…it is on 11 and 13!!

  13. i think your mods will be perfect on that top! i remember thinking it was cute the first time i saw the picture.

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