One of the many, many reasons I love this community is that sometimes others will have realizations I’d never think of, and then share. Today, it was Ms. Monster Yarn. You know, folks? She’s totally, totally right. Holiday knitting is just craziness. There is just no need to drive myself insane knitting 6 different fantastically complicated things for a deadline, when the same people would love the gifts just as much on their birthdays. And those birthdays are spread so nicely throughout the year. Same number of knitted gifts per year (or more), zero stress.

So I hereby declare: I will not try to knit 3 adult sweaters, 2 kid sweaters, 1 shawl, and an assortment of hats and socks this year. My holiday knitting this year, in fact, will not exceed 2 adult sweaters.

So there.

One of them has already come quite far, despite a major frog-fest on Friday. You want to see the back? Oh, all right.

I still love the Pure Merino, although the sweater itself looks like total crap unblocked. It might even look crappy blocked and seamed, if not on a person. It’s all of that ribbing. The other sweater I’d like to get done this year is the Chinese Sweater from a back issue of Interweave, for my other SIL on hubby’s side. I meant to do both of these last year but didn’t have time, and I just don’t want to miss another holiday for these two special ladies.

But after those are done, damnit, I’m knitting what I want to knit, for me and for Jacob. Because that second sock isn’t going anywhere, lately.

And I may have ordered the yarn for Thermal, and I keep eyeing the Mermaid kit and the baby alligator scarf kit. And the fantastical new sock book I bought. And… well… you know how it is.

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  1. The sweater is looking very nice! You are sensible about your holiday knits. I don’t have that many people that like knitted stuff so don’t get too tempted to knit fr everyone! Did you buy the Hanne Falkenberg Mermaid kit?

  2. Do I ever! I have so many projects I want to make, I don’t even see how I’d be able to get them all done in the next three years. This birthday idea is a winner though. Starting with my grandmother in January, I think. Might as well start the year off right!

  3. oooh – I’ve had my eye on that sock book! slow and steady….the sweater is beautiful!!!! i don’t bother with holiday knitting anymore – too stressful!

  4. I like to “knit bomb” people, by knitting them things and just BAM! giving it to them on a non-holiday, birthday, whatever. I hate knitting on a deadline, and I like to be able to get input on people’s gifts…so I’m glad you’ve made things more manageable for yourself.

  5. WOW! Your sweater is looking amazing! Great sock too!

  6. I have a few pairs of simple socks I’m worried won’t get done in time and when I saw your original list I developed an instant knot in my stomach! This post has me feeling much better both for you and for me!

  7. I think the sweater looks lovely! You’re so quick, too – I’m quite jealous!

  8. Wow, that sweater is growing fast! I’m amazed that you are actually planning sweaters for holiday gifts!

  9. Ok, 2 adult sweaters is a massive amount of Holiday knitting in my book… And I’m am dying to do Thermal as well but I’m sure it’ll be pure torture!:)

  10. Wow, the sweater is growing so fast. I love the ribbing, I bet it is going to do a great job shaping the sweater. And you are right about people being happy about receiving handknit gifts for their birthday, or anytime actually. At least, I hope so, as two of the three birthday lace shawls I made this year were several months later than the recepient`s birthday.

  11. The sweater is gorgeous! I too have the same fantastical new sock book and I can’t stop reading it.

  12. That sounds like a perfectly reasonable way to go. I’ve never done the holiday crafting craziness.

    The sweater is looking great so far!

  13. The sweater is beautiful … I love those crossed ribs. And that sock! I love that color!

  14. That sweater looks fabulous in the photo. I think you are right about the holiday knitting. I’m not knitting anyone anything. Chris told me to be selfish since knitting takes so long, only selfish means his huge feet get hand knit socks too. hmmm…I did sew my sister in law a foot warmer, but it only took an hour.

  15. That’s such a cool sweater. I’d never seen that pattern before. Yours looks wonderful, I don’t know what you’re talking about it looking bad unbloked. You’re super generous to knit sweaters (!) for your SIL and (hopefully) SIL-to-be. I figure the fairest way to approach holiday knitting that also lets me keep my sanity is not to knit for anyone. At least that’s what I’m (currently) telling myself for this year.

  16. The sweater in the photo looks very good! I look forward to see the final result. I think you made a good decision to knit for birthdays instead of LL r once for the Holidays. I don’t knit any gifts. No one is asking 😉 I just knit for myself!

  17. Yeah, I still think that you and your only-two-sweaters-this-year talk is a bit crazy. Especially since one of those sweaters is cabled and fairisle, what complexities are hiding up your sleeve for the other?

  18. ha! i’m so glad that i was helpful here. and it’s totally blowing my mind seeing another maryse in your list of commenters.

  19. Yes! You’re so right – I refuse to do any holiday knitting!

  20. That’s one thing for sure, is that we all know how it is. Good for you for not putting the pressure on yourself. You’ve really been flying through HoJo. It’s looking great!

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