(Of the hand-knitted gifts kind. No New Year’s resolutions for me, this time around. I’m just happy 2007 is over.)

It was a fantastic trip, there was much knitting, and now I’m crashing back to reality here in CA. It is my sincere hope not to spend too many more holiday seasons frantically trying to see everyone, do everything, while living out of a suitcase. We’ll see.

I wound up finishing everything I really wanted to get done. Koolhaas for Adam:

(This shot is cuter than the FO. Just imagine it without the yarn strand, there.)

Shedir for my grandmother Grace:

Log cabin slippers for Nancy:

Silk Rhapsody scarf for Beth:

Bev’s hat and mitt set:

And last but certainly not least, the HoJo sweater for Jessica. As you all predicted, she loved it.

(And the fit is just great, if I do say so myself.)

It feels like I have a lot of catching up to do, with all of you. And there’s some blog housekeeping–FO post on HoJo, updates to my 2007 FO album, sharing pictures of a tiny bit of new yarn, the scoop on my current WIPs…

…but all of that can come some other day. May you all have a wonderful 2008, full of shining laughter and scrumptious hand knits.

21 thoughts on “Resolution

  1. What a wonderful collection of finished objects. And you are right, the picture of Adam is cuter than the FO, but the FO takes a close second :O)

  2. Beautiful knits! The sweater looks like a perfect fit.

    Happy New Year!

  3. everything looks fantastic! though I must admit that the slippers are my favourite. they look sooo comfy!

  4. I love all your handknit gifts, they are beautiful. I especially love the mitts in the set for Bev. What pattern did you use, or did you make it up yourself?

  5. Yes, all the hurrying around trying to see everyone just depletes the hell out of you, I know that routine. Glad you’re home now and can restore yourself a bit. All of your projects are super impressive, it looks like we both did the Koolhaas out of the same yarn–Lorna’s Laces Worsted?

  6. Happy New Year to you to. All the gifts are great. The sweater, in particular, is amazing to me–it’s beautiful in its own right, but to get it to fit like that on someone else is fantastic!

  7. Wow – what an incredibly beautiful line-up of FOs! And they were all gifts!! Amazing. Can’t wait to see what you whip up in ’08. Happy New Year!

  8. Happy New Year! Welcome back. Beautiful knits all around. You have very lucky people on your gift list. 🙂

  9. All such beautiful and thoughtful gifts! And making a gorgeous sweater that fits someone else so well is a feat! It looks great.

  10. What a wonderful accomplishment with all the handmade gifts! Really lovely! I just realized looking at your heading that we both made a clapotis in the same yarn and colorway!

  11. All so beautiful! So sorry to have missed you out here — our respective trips (you here; us to Pacific Mexico) seemed to have crossed! Happy New Year!

  12. Yay! Welcome back to Cali =) If your northern parts are anything like the Bay Area-ish, watch out for the wind!
    All of the holiday knitting looks really great. I’m sure you brought a lot of smiles to a lot of family members. I’m especially loving the Log Cabin slippers! And yea – Jessica’s HoJo looks like you knit it ON her – its PERFECT! Well done, girl! Looking forward to your updates and happy belated New Year!

  13. Everything looks so beautiful. Jessica`s sweater is a perfect fit and looks amazing on her. I am glad you had a great trip and could enjoy some of the wintery weather we are getting. And Happy New Year.

  14. Nice to see you posting and back from your holidays. All of your handknit gifts look wonderful. HoJo looks perfect for its recipient. My fave are Bev’s mitts and hat. Those mitts look luxurious and comfy. Hmm, maybe because my hands are cold right now? Anyhow, welcome back. Happy New Year to you!

  15. Doesn’t the sweater look gorgeous on, and I like Beths gloves and hat too. Well done, and happy new year!

  16. all of your gifts turned out beautifully–i’m especially taken with those cozy-looking slippers! well done 🙂

  17. Holy FO’s batman! And they are all great! The fit on that sweater is fantastic. I cannot believe how productive you were. (Better you than me!)

  18. How nice to see you back and with so many beautiful FO’s to see too! That sweater is stunning! I envy your SIL the sweater but as a knitter, ‘really envy you the satisfaction of having made and given such a gorgeous garment!

  19. You made some amazing gifts for the holidays. And it was great to see you and the little guy! Hope to see you again before too long.

  20. Happy New Year! You got so many beautiful things done for the holidays!

  21. You knit such beautiful gifts! Lucky recipients!

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