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Since neither of these projects took a full week to complete, it feels a little strange to do two separate FO posts. Thus!

Pattern: “Beret and Socks” from Debbie Bliss’ Baby Cashmerino 3 booklet

Yarn: Baby Cashmerino, in the recommended colors.

Time Elapsed: Something like 5 days? Ridiculously little.

Notes/Modifications: I wrote about the completely bizarre construction of these socks here, so I won’t repeat the whole saga for you. The conclusion is that unless you’re deathly afraid of dpns, I’d strongly recommend just knitting these socks in the usual way. Either way, the end product is likely to be darling.

I think I would recommend knitting the beret flat as written, just because the whole darn thing is garter stitch, which I find easier flat, and if you knit it flat you get to choose which side to make the RS. I preferred the subtler stripes of the “WS” of the work, but others may like their color changes more bold. Any way you do it, this is a super-quick, super-cute gift set. Four thumbs up!


Of course, the entire time I was knitting the baby socks, Jacob asked if they were for him. It’s not like the kid has been shy about his love for hand-knit socks–he always gets a day or two with any pair I knit myself. What kind of a bad mother am I, not to have realized he wanted his own?

Pattern: Generic sock construction over 48 stitches.

Yarn: Leftover Lorna’s Laces from some socks I knit one of my mother-in-laws. I think the color was called Ravens-something-or-other?

Time Elapsed: Far too little for this to be my first pair for him

Notes/Modifications: Not much to say, here, since I wasn’t exactly following a pattern. I did 1×1 rib at the top, then 3×1 rib for most of the body of the sock.

I knit the heel until it looked right, and decreased the toe until it looked right, too. They’re a smidge long for him, maybe 1/8″, but since his feet are growing at such a crazy pace I decided to just leave it instead of ripping out and re-doing the toe shorter. Not that I’d be able to get them off his feet anyway–he’s worn them non-stop since I finished them. He even demanded that he wear them again today, to show his pre-school teacher. “With sandals, Mommy, so Miss Auburn can see them.”

You’d think, with all of that wearing, I’d have some good FO shots. Sadly, a toddler in motion remains in motion, so most of them are a variation on this:

(At least his feet are warm?)

20 thoughts on “FO Double-Header

  1. omg, the baby beret and socks are to die for, love garter stitch. And baby feet, toddler feet – love them!

  2. The beret and socks turned out so cute! And I just love the pictures of your guy in his cozy socks! I made a few pairs of socks for my daughter when she was a toddler but alas she is allergic to wool 🙁 Now I am working with cotton socks 🙂

  3. OK, the cute factor in this post is illegally high 🙂

  4. Cute baby socks and beret. Especially love the little socks for Jacob!

  5. Jacobs socks are awesome! I can totally see why he wants to keep on wearing them and show them off to his teacher. Nice job, mom!

  6. What cute cute knits! I love chubby little toddler feet. 🙂 Yes, definitely they should be a little long. Their feet grow so fast!

  7. I love it ALL — the beret, the socks, the socks for your little guy, and the story and pics of him. I love that he wanted to wear them with sandals — too cute!

  8. I’m in cute overload. I love that Jacob wanted to wear them to school to show his teacher. Adorable 🙂

  9. That beret is just marvelous! What a bumper crop of great knits. I think the colorway may be “Ravenswood,” which is actually a street (and a neighborhood) very near where I live in Chicago.

  10. Oh my those little ankles and feet are just way too cute! And the beret is truly adorable as well. Cuteness overload!!

  11. Oh, that is just dear. I love that he wanted to show them to his teacher! Well done on raising the kid to appreciate a good handknit, my friend.

  12. the beret. the socks. the jammies!!!
    honestly. oh, and did i mention those legs!
    too cute!!!

  13. Lovely feet in great socks! The beret and sock set is cute too.

  14. The socks look great on those moving feet!

  15. Those kids make picture taking pretty hard, huh? LOL. The socks are adorable….reminds me I should get some new ones on the needles for my kids….

  16. All your FOs are adorable! I love baby feet in handknit socks!

  17. i love the beret and socks! what size are the socks? is it for a newborn? i can’t tell next to the teddy bear! also, jacob is so cute! i love that he requested his own pair.

  18. Cute! Jacob’s socks are great!

  19. Beautiful FOs! I love love the garter stitch beret and matching socks! And the LL socks are too cute – I like the colourway very much.

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