All Sundara, all the time.

I wish! But she does seem to be holding a nice monopoly on my knitting attention, these days.

My yarn is almost gone. After compulsive checking of the scale, I figure I can get through the current repeat and end on the appropriate row with a mere 2 grams left over. Woot! Fast progress (and the realization that I’m about to lose my blocking wires and surface for a few weeks) are spurring me on. I’m trying to complete the stole before leaving for Maine, and pushing off socks until after it’s finished. I think I can even finish the knitting tonight, although I may try the grafting tomorrow during daylight.

We all know that socks make the best travel knitting, and in my blog hiatus/move-in frenzy I’m hoping for a few pairs. Despite extremely tempting temptation,

I decided to stick with my original plan and knit the Rivendell socks in Sundara sock yarn.

The color is “glacier”, and I think it will be a perfect match for Rivendell. Being a huge Tolkein nerd from way back, I associate Rivendell more with the river itself than the autumnal hues that Peter Jackson chose. (Although don’t get me wrong, I love his translation to screen!) After that, I’m hoping to move on to the other Seasons Club sock yarn, mossy in particular. Tiennie’s beautiful Hedgerows really reminded me how much I love this color. The jury is still out on a pattern, though. Wouldn’t want to get too decisive.

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I probably could have finished the stole, if I hadn’t spent so much of my time focused on food. It’s an occupational hazard of the whole 7-months-pregnant thing, I suppose.

I love making fresh pasta. (This stuff was destined for my favorite tomato-cream sauce.)

I guess I don’t talk about it much here, but I actually love pretty much every kind of dough out there. Especially pie crust. I love pie crust so much that I can’t bear to throw scraps away, and bake them in the toaster oven sprinkled with cinnamon sugar instead.

The next few weeks will be pretty crazy for me, so in case I don’t make it back here until mid-June, here’s wishing you lots of yummy strawberry-rhubarb tarts!

16 thoughts on “All Sundara, all the time.

  1. Looks tasty! Both knitting and tart. 🙂

    Have a great trip!

  2. Oooooooooooh yummmmmm. First the Sundara yarns, then the strawberry tart……

  3. Thanks for the nice compliment! I seem to be all about Sundara right now too!

    Fresh pasta and tarts? I so wish I could be eating at your house!

  4. I’ll miss you while you’re in transit. Wish I could have joined you for tea with that lovely tart.

  5. Wow. You can wish me all of those you like… Good luck with the move! xx

  6. Having recently moved, I can authoratatively state that moving boxes make excellent blocking surfaces. But, should you wish to employ actual “proper” techniques, send that shawl to me with a slice of that tart and I’ll do you up something nice. 🙂

  7. Oh, I just had some rhubarb crumble at my parents house and it was spectacular! I also fully agree with your world view of dough–it is a precious commodity not to be wasted:)

  8. sounds like your kitchen was hopping! i do the same thing with crust scraps – they are way too tasty to be thrown out!

    the shawl is going to be amazing and those socks – wow!

  9. Beautiful yarn pictures! Good luck in finishing up your stole.

    I do the same thing with extra pie crust 🙂 Those little extra bits are so good!

  10. When I make pies at the restaurant, I take the scraps of dough and do the exact same thing. 🙂 Then the waitresses and the cook and I all stand around and nosh. Yum.

    That shawl is going to be SO gorgeous. I think I’m in love with the yarn you’re using.

  11. gorgeous 🙂 never tried making fresh pasta – is it challenging? doesn’t everyone do that with pie crust scraps?? that was one of my favorite things about making pie when i was a lil girl…

  12. That spaghetti looks great. I have never made pasta. The Sundara yarns look beautiful, no wonder you are knitting them!

  13. I’ll miss your lovely posts but wish nothing but the best to your (soon to grow bigger) family over the coming weeks!

  14. YUMS! i want to eat your food! safe travels!

  15. I agree with everyone – both yarn and treats look YUMMY!

  16. Our family loves “pie dough” so much, that we usually make extra just so we can roll it out, cut it into strips and butter and cinnamon sugar it. We usually eat it for breakfast on Thanksgiving and Christmas mornings.

    Damn, now I’m hungry.

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