Fantasy and Reality

Thanks so much for all of the well-wishes, everyone. I hope Mr. D. arrives soon and healthy, too!

Until then, of course, life goes on. And since we’ve been enjoying a spell of really nice weather lately, complete with cooler evenings, my mind has turned to my sad, neglected knitting. In my fantasy world, the (pregnancy-caused) carpal tunnel is nonexistent, and I can quickly finish up my 2 wips.

Well, the CTS is sadly still with me, and nothing quick is happening here. I did manage to finish the first Rivendell, but I’m still only a few rows into the second. And although knitting has increased somewhat now that the Olympics are on, I’ve still got tons of yarn left for this Flower Basket Shawl. I’ve completed the called-for number of repeats of the main part of the shawl already, so it looks like I get to add an extra repeat or two to this lovely number.

What would I do, if these dragging wips were suddenly finished tomorrow? I’ve totally totally got the itch to knit sweaters again, folks. Perhaps a cardigan for myself, a nice cabled number for Jacob, maybe a sock yarn version of Tomten for the little one.

Until fantasy meets reality, I just need to keep telling myself: Soon, the swelling will go away. Soon, the air will have that gorgeous crisp fall taste. Soon, it will be time to wrap ourselves in wool once again. Soon.

16 thoughts on “Fantasy and Reality

  1. I so second the wrapping in wool again! In the meantime all the best wishes for you in the near future. I so happy you are still blogging regardless the sweeling etc. I still greatly appreciate your blog.

  2. That Flower Basket shawl is so pretty. Gorgeous, actually. I so want to knit that but haven’t yet tracked down the pattern. Now you have me drooling over it again. Hang in there – this, too, shall pass.

  3. Hang in there. I had carpal tunnel with both pregnancies — bad enough that I was in a panic towards the end, because I was pretty sure I couldn’t safely pick up a 6 lb baby without fear of dropping her. Miraculously, my hands, wrists and arms were totally fine less than 12 hours after I delivered. I’m still quite likely to get wrist or tendon pain if I overdue the stitching (never a problem pre-babies) but it goes away with just a little rest. My three little angels were well worth the problems!

  4. Glad to hear someone has hope for cool days soon. Out here in the Sacramento Valley, Autumn is still at least two months away. Wishing with you for little one’s soon, healthy appearance.

  5. Oh I am sure that all of this cool weather has been a blessed release for you in your current state!

  6. I’m sorry that your CTS has flared up again. Hopefully Mr. D shows up soon and you can focus on him for a bit. Take care and rest up.

  7. I hope the CTS goes away soon! I’m also looking forward to some fall knitting!

  8. CTS sucks. I hope yours clears up soon so you can get to those gorgeous knits!

  9. Yay for impending autumn! 🙂

  10. i know he’ll be here soon and i hope he arrives happy and healthy as well!

  11. While I feel for you (my second was 18 days post mature and I truly came to believe I would never give birth!)I’m thrilled to hear you’re also “feeling” a sweater coming on!

  12. **good wishes for a baby soon!**
    Don’t you just love those first crispy fall days? I live for them when the summer is hot and muggy!

  13. It’s amazing all the little side features pregnancy can give you, isn’t it? I developed spring allergies this year – egads! Luckily the CTS should go away with the arrival of the kiddo. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get to the birthing finish line first!!!
    xox, J

  14. Pretty, pretty! I hope you and Mr. D. have a smooth meet and greet 😉 … and the CTS stops bugging you soon.

  15. How beautiful! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year – best time for the knitting mojo!

  16. I vote for the tomten – it’s small so it’ll be done quite fast and it’s not something you’ll need to concentrate on too much once the little one is here. Cables + small baby doesn’t necessarily sound like something that would be relaxing! x

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