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Hi! Can we just pretend that it hasn’t been nearly a month since I last posted? That my knitting time hasn’t actually been eaten up by two adorable, variably-drooly little boys? Because I need your advice.

The knitting on tomten is finally finished, and it just needs a zipper to be truly jaunty. Photoshoot to come soon, I’m sure. With the knitting done, though, it was time for something else on the needles.

Enter the Chunky Cabled Sweater by Zoe Mellor, from “Adorable Knits for Tots”. It looks cute as pie in the book, and I had some Sublime Cashmerino Silk Aran in the stash that was suitable. Here’s the progress so far:

I like it, but here’s my question: Sometimes when I look at this sweater, it seems sort of busy. The back, front, and sleeves are all done in this cable and moss stitch motif. Is it too much? Should I make the back and/or sleeves simpler? If so, how? Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions?

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  1. That’s what arans are – busy. But if you wanted to simplify it, I woudl just omit the cables on the back or sleeves and continue the moss stitch instead. I’ve seen it done many times.

  2. I agree – I think it’s really nice-looking, even if a little busy. And somehow, it seems like the muted brown of the yarn offsets the design, if that makes sense?

  3. hmmm. . . You could use the moss stitch on the side as the back and sleeves. Maybe have one cable in the sleeves with moss stitch.

  4. I like Jessica’s idea. I do acknowledge, however, that I am a pretty simple soul, and some (maybe you) would find it lovely with all the goodies still in.

  5. I would say, if pressed that it is busy, but it sure looks great.

  6. I think once you get it completed it will look just right. I made a similar sweater and it looks fantastic!

  7. I would do the back and sleeves in moss stitch – that is, if your wrists can handle it! Moss stitch always makes me ache for a few days.

  8. I think it looks great and the muted color balances the busy-ness. If you wanted to, though, you could make the sleeves simpler by doing that central cable flanked by 1 of the little cable twists on either side, and then moss st for the rest

  9. your baby is just the cutest!! what a perfect colourway for him 🙂

  10. That Tomten is BEYOND adorable. SO cute.

  11. Love the color of your Tomten!
    I think the sweater looks great, arans always looks busy to me.

  12. Just adorable! Fantastic job on your cute baby and tomtem! 🙂

    I think that sweater looks awesome but it’s up to you.

  13. i agree with the other heather that once it’s finished it will look fine. arans do have lots of patterning but they normally balance out in the end. i made the irish moss sweater that had cables and braids on the front and back, and one braid on the sleeve, all with moss stitch borders. it doesn’t look busy at all when chuck’s wearing it. the panel sizes of on your sweater are small enough that i think they’ll look good on a kid.

  14. omg, tomten looks so cute! i can’t wait to see more FO shots 🙂 i’m so obsessed with that mossy green color.

    i think the chunky cabled sweater would look cute with the back and front both patterned!

  15. It is busy – but I don’t know if it’s too busy. Especially in a solid yarn. But you could do the sleeves in seed stitch and it would look great too! I just finished a baby aran, actually, that had patterning on the back and front and not on the sleeves, if you want to see how it might look.

  16. It is an aran so I say embrace it! Besides the muted brown is, well, muted and so will play it down a bit as well.

  17. It is busy, but to me that’s always the charm of Aran sweaters. That being said, I also like idea Tana’s idea of just doing moss stitch on the sleeves.

  18. What I like to do with knitting like that is do a moss stitch sleeve with a simple cable running up the outside center. I also think having the back the same as the front would be beautiful.

  19. Love, love, love both sweaters. I’m jealous that you are so productive! That Tomten will be smashing and you’ll love it – I plan to make a second.

  20. The Tomten jacket is super cute! Personally, I like the busyness, but you should do whatever you think is right 🙂

  21. I’m a bit late to the party on this comment, but I think it won’t look busy. I made a couple of all-over cable sweaters for my son when he was small, and the extra thickness looked nice and the sweaters were very warm.

  22. I’m also late as I haven’t checked my google reader in a few days. Your knits are wonderful and so are your cuties! Enjoy those guys and don’t worry so much about blogging and knitting. This time will fly (mine are now 15 1/2 and 14…yikes, when did that happen?). A mini aran sweater with all the bells & whistles will look amazing and even more so worn by a beautiful child.

    Happy Holidays!

  23. I LOVE that sweater and would not change a thing!

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