2008: In Review

While 2008 was nowhere near as difficult a year for our family as 2007, there was plenty of upheaval to go around. We moved from Monterey back to our house in New England, we had a baby, the husband switched jobs to a very intense start-up that failed to get what they thought was secured funding thanks to the credit crunch and laid him off after just five months, and Jacob switched schools.

With all of that, it’s a wonder any knitting happened at all.

1. February Baby Sweater and booties, 2. Syncopated Cap, 3. Flower Basket Shawl, 4. First Rivendell completed before baby born., 5. Cleopatra wrap, finished, 6. A. in sweater, 3, 7. Every shot of a toddler’s feet is blurry, 8. Final shot of beret and socks, 9. Christine’s baby blanket, I, 10. Bear in cable tank top, 11. Matinee Coat, I, 12. St. Anastasia, 13. Conwy, I, 14. Pomatomus, Complete, 15. DSC_0012.JPG

At the start of the year, I hopped onto this crazy idea to knit a pair of socks each month. Kelp did a great job (seriously, click through the link–you’ll be amazed), but I failed pretty miserably at this task. In fact, it’s pretty clear when my carpal tunnel hit and then disappeared–I didn’t finish a thing all summer.

Unable to knit, I finally picked up a new hobby that I’d been thinking about since my dad’s mom died.

I’m not sure this will ever come even remotely close to knitting in my affections (that last quilt has sat, quilted and bound, awaiting just the final hem, for 2 months now), but the quilting definitely kept me sane while I couldn’t knit.

What’s on the horizon for 2009? Hopefully our personal lives will be smooth sailing with no major disruptions. We could definitely, definitely use a quiet year to enjoy our many blessings.

Happy new year, everyone! Thanks so much for joining me here even when the knitting pickings are slim. I wish you all exactly the kind of 2009 you’re hoping for.

13 thoughts on “2008: In Review

  1. beautiful quilts! and a happy new year to you as well

  2. Happy New Year to you all, too. I’ll keep checking on you whether you knit or quilt, or just show cute pictures of little folks.

  3. Great knits! Love the quilts too–that teddy bear is adorable!

  4. You did really well for not being able to knit for awhile. that would have driven me batty…or else maybe it would have gotten me to make the quilt top that I have bought a bunch of fabric for.

  5. i would love to learn how to quilt someday. i’m sorry that 2007 and 2008 have been so crazy and stressful. i wish you great things in 2009 and hope that it finds you happy and healthy.

  6. Congrats on all the FO’s of 2008! And here’s to a calm and quiet 2009!

  7. Have a good new year. You achieved some lovely knits and I always like to visit to see what you have been up to, knitting or not!

  8. Happy New Year! I also hope you have the 2009 you are wishing for.

  9. Happy New Year, Amy! I hope you and your family have a wonderful year. You did some amazing knitting and quilting this past year.

  10. What a great post, Amy! Such warm New Years sentiments:)

  11. All in all, you were pretty amazing this last year! Hugs, blessings and wishes for a great 2009 for all of you! And as corny as it sounds, don’t forget that you inspire many of us out here who truly don’t have time to blog, but still manage to eke (spelling?) out a bit of knitting here and there.

  12. OMG!!!!! How long have you knitted???
    Where did you learn?
    And are you a left or right?
    Continetail,Eastren uncrossed(combined), Western?
    Your work is the best I have seen and you make practial items not weird never wear thing? I just found you this morning and OMG I am inspired.

  13. Those are great projects! Happy 2009 to you!

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