Secretive FO

A test-knit is finished and released, so I have yet another FO to share!

Pattern: Mintyfresh’s Merion Mitts, hot off the presses

Yarn: MadelineTosh Worsted, color “Celadon Pottery” (from initial run of Magnolia Society)

Time to Knit: A couple of weeks–these are very quick.

Notes/Modifications: No modifications, since this was a test-knit. I’m not even sure if I really have notes for you, but I love these mittens so much that I want to at least share some pictures with you.

These mittens are chock full of very clever details. Seed stitch palms (including the inside of the thumb!), a slightly curved shape, and twisted rib.

They fit very well, and even though I test-knit the small size for my sister-in-law I wished I could keep them for myself. Jacob loved them too, as he loves everything hand-knitted.

The yarn, too, is fantastic:

Amy named this color “Celadon Pottery”, and you can see for yourself what an amazing job she did. It’s a dream to work with, soft but sturdy, and one can’t really say enough about how great MadTosh colors are.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

19 thoughts on “Secretive FO

  1. Fantastic knits. Love the color and the details.

  2. that color is STUNNING. did you use 1 or 2 skeins for the pair?

  3. beautiful!

  4. That looks like a beautiful mitten. Test knitting can be really rewarding!

  5. Minty put out a beautiful pattern! And you did a beautiful job with it. Love the color you chose!

  6. I adore that yarn, I found some Wren worsted online but couldn’t find that particular color (sad face). So I ordered 2 skeins of Wren to play with.

  7. I love the beautiful color, and I love that it will go with so many things! Brown coat? Check. Black coat? Check. Pink coat? Okay, maybe not pink :).

  8. Really lovely mittens in such a fabulous colour!

  9. beautiful mittens and great color choice!

  10. I think it’s awesome that Jacob loves the handknits.

  11. I just visited your blog for the first time and I’ll be coming back :-)Nice work.Love your mittens and the Elizabeth Zimmerman sweaters.Beautiful colors.

  12. Fantastic–these are so on my list!

  13. Oh wow, how lovely! Beautiful, beautiful shade of green too, and I love the photos!

  14. those are FABULOUS!

  15. What a pretty pair of mittens! The color does look the same as my celadon vase. Such a soft green. I like the seed stitch palms.

  16. These mittens have wonderful detail! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. I just have one question since I am new to knit blogs I keep seeing FO and I was wondering what it meant. If you or anyone could tell me I would appreciate it. Again, great job on the mittens!

  17. Lovely mittens. I rarely like the colors people choose but you gotta winner there.

  18. Love them! Great job!

  19. Gorgeous mittens! …and your little one looks wonderful in the Tomten jacket…

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