Quickie FO (ha!)

Well, knee socks for Jacob should have been quick, anyway… if I had been focusing on them.

Pattern: Generic 3×1 rib socks with a slip stitch heel, over 56 stitches.

Yarn: Kaffe Fassett Regia

Time Elapsed: 4 days, over 5 months. Whoops.

Notes/modifications: No modifications as I can basically improvise socks like this, now. The only twist to these was that Jacob requested knee socks. (He requested knee socks! How much do I love this kid?)

In case you were wondering, he’s a robot-dancing snake trainer in these pictures. Cobras can be dangerous, you know.

Apparently if you shake them enough, they’re dazed into submission.

That’s all there is to say about these, really, except that now I’m just one WIP away from getting some long-standing ignored projects off my list. I decided that after Hootenanny (thanks for the love on that, all!) I’d get some projects cleared away to gain the peace of mind it’ll give me. Next up: Chinese Sweater for Katherine (out of an Interweave back issue). For which I bought the yarn in 2004. Which I started in November, which is really pathetic since it’s worsted weight with 3/4 sleeves. I will finish this thing in April. I will.

Housekeeping note: I’m toying with a much more clean, sparse site mini-redesign while I’m waiting for the next major Drupal release. Would those of you reading from a feed reader be so kind as to drop by the actual site, and let me know what you think? Is it too empty-looking? Are the pattern links/pages in the sidebar helpful? Any other comments? Thanks so much!

11 thoughts on “Quickie FO (ha!)

  1. Even though I use a reader, I always click to come here anyway….I confess, I don’t look at the site much…I come for the posts! But, for what it’s worth, everything looks easy to find, which is a plus by me!

  2. Love the knee socks, nearly as much as the rockin’ robot dancing snake charming boy! The site is lovely – I like the clean layout, the pattern links in the sidebar are really good. On my computer, the minimal colour scheme doesn’t seem to frame your pictures well, and it feels a bit ‘blank’ looking – but thats just my opinion! Otherwise, lovely and easy to read and find things.

  3. I’d like to see the header a bit larger — that color is so beautiful.

  4. Love the new layout : ) I agree with Clare though that the colours are kind of… blah to frame your pictures against. The white background from before somehow made them pop more.

  5. Love the socks and I think the site looks great!

  6. I do like the new layout. The socks are pretty cool.

  7. I like the minimal design; it looks clean and uncluttered!

  8. I like the new layout! Unlike some of the other folks, I really like the grey background—it’s easier on the eyes than all white. I also *love* the pattern links. The one thing that seems a bit weird is that there are large bars of empty space on either side of the content. Can you get it to re-size the main content area (where this comment box and posts are)based on the size of the window, leaving the sidebars fixed width?

  9. The new header works really well – the orange button is a great pop of color! And I do like the muted background better than the white, it’s softer on the peepers.

  10. Nice socks! They look incredibly comfortable!

  11. hi I usually read it from blogline but thought i would check it out.
    most of it looks great!
    I would change the background colour,looks a little too wispy.Try using a drop down button for your archives and your patterns as well.I would try another banner as well.You should have a theme to your blog.
    But honestly I have been reading your blog for-ever and I think you and your patterns are brillant.
    email me if you want any more tips

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