Snapshots of a staycation

I love big vacations, I really do. Traveling to new places, listening to new sounds, seeing new sights. Luxuriating in extravagances we don’t have the ability to work into our daily life (like having someone clean up after us!).

But this year, spending a couple of restful weeks at home and with family are exactly what I needed.

A chance to try out some new ideas, to clear up the backlog in my mind. A chance to sit and read a book while the stitches flow from my needles.

I hope you and yours are spending the rest of 2010 in peace, joy, and happiness.

15 thoughts on “Snapshots of a staycation

  1. ohhh! very intriguing, can’t wait to see what has tumbled from your head and into your yarn. Merry Christmas!

  2. Ooooh, what IS that bulky cabley lacey gorgeous thing?????

  3. For a few years, I’ve spend my holidays going back and forth between home, parents, friends and I’m talking 4 hours drives or such… This year, I’m going to see everyone, but just once and it will be all done during the first half of my time off. The other half I hope will be quite so that I can do all things you enumerated!!! Merry Christmas!

  4. Our holidays have always been ‘staycations’….since way before someone coined the term. I wouldn’t mind one of the other kind some year…Enjoy!

  5. Happy Christmas and a joyful new year. Thanks for all you’ve given your readers over the past year.

  6. Have a wonderful, rest filled holiday!!

  7. We will be stay-cationing too! It’ll be sooo nice sleeping in! I love the sweater and cabled scarf in the first photo. ASM in ‘Wine? Whatever it is, it looks yummy! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  8. A successful tease. Glad you had a restful time.

  9. We’re at my parents’ house for Christmas, and, even though we had to drive 13 hours to get here, I still think of it as a “staycation” because there is no pressure to be anywhere… just hanging out, watching gameshows and knitting. Ahh…

  10. And I LOVE that yarn in that last photo… *drool*

  11. Peace, joy and happiness to you and yours too Amy

  12. Having been on the road for two weeks now, I’m very envious of your staycation. Thankfully because we’ve busted ass this year, we can stay home next year. Merry Christmas, sweets!

  13. We have grown to love ‘staycations’ – and not because we live where everyone else wants to vacation. Home is peaceful, calming and relaxing. It keeps us grounded and lets us grow. My husband gets three weeks a year of vacation time – one of them is always a staycation because that is when you really recharge.

    Beautiful color on your needles – and I’m jealous that you can read AND knit at the same time.

  14. Happy new year! I’m in the last couple days of my staycation and loving it. Have a great 2011!

    ps – what *is* that yarn in the bottom photo? i love its luminescence!

  15. I teach school so I’m hoping for some snow days soon so I can have a surprise-staycation! Mmmm winter knitting!

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