Pattern release: Shoshana Set

Just in time for probably 8,000 more snowstorms in the Northeast (I blog from just outside Boston, can you tell? 🙂, I present the kind of quick, warm knit we all seem to be looking for these days.

Sizes: One-size for the scarf; hat is sized to fit a teen (adult, adult).

Final Measurements: Scarf measures approximately 8” x 68”/ 20cm x 173cm, without fringe. Hat measures 20 (21, 23)”/51 (53.5, 58.5) cm in circumference and approximately 91⁄4”/23.5cm from CO edge to crown.

Featured Materials: Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky (85% wool/ 15% alpaca), 108yds/99m per 100g ball
Shown in color 20 (plum), 5 balls for the scarf including fringe and 1 ball for the hat.

Gauge: 12 sts & 16 rows = 4”/10cm in stockinette stitch; cable pattern is compressed vertically and has a different row gauge.

Pattern Notes: I am not usually an accessories knitter. But when my closest and dearest friend wants something knitted, there’s just no other option. In addition to being one of the most wonderful people I know, she’s the kind of hand-knit gift recipient who spontaneously sends me in-action pictures of her kids in the things I knit for them. Who mentions, in passing, just how lovely it was to be able to pull on the sweater I knit for her last year when it’s cold in her classroom, and what lovely depth of color in that yarn. The kind of person who always gives me the latest book of beautiful patterns for a birthday (or just because).

In other words, the kind of friend who will get hand-knits for life. Beth mentioned she was in the mood for something big, chunky, cabled, eclectic right around the time her year went from awful to horrendous. So. Even though I don’t knit with anything above a worsted, even though I don’t knit accessories, even though I had a ton of other stuff going on, I spent some time on probably the most dangerous website ever and before long there were several balls of Berkshire Bulky in plum en route to me.

I chose a stitch pattern that’s a blend of lace and cables for the scarf; at first, I tried mixing the lozenge pattern up with a number of other cables but in the end stacked it against itself. The Berkshire Bulky was a pure pleasure to work with (and just the right price for my post-holiday-shopping-self). It has a subtle sheen, and the single really adds just the right appearance to the lace/cable combination. The scarf is fringed for her greater pleasure.

I knew I wanted to use the lozenge pattern on the hat, but also knew that each medallion was wide enough that I couldn’t simply repeat the lozenges around to size the hat properly.

Lozenges on the small hat are alternated with knit stitches; larger hats include larger twists in between the panels. All in all the hat will fit a teen through a large adult head.

Needless to say, Beth was thrilled with the set and has already told me how wonderfully warm it’s keeping her this snowy winter. Just the perfect thing to pick up a week full of snow days, don’t you think?

The set is available as a PDF download for US$5.00 from my ravelry pattern store or by clicking the button below.

6 thoughts on “Pattern release: Shoshana Set

  1. Oh, Amy! It’s GORGEOUS! I wanna make one for meeeeeeeeeee! That plum colour was a good call too. Yummy.

  2. You’re such a nice friend! Gorgeous pattern and it looks fab on her. Off to queue!

  3. Gorgeous! (as usual) and I certainly can’t argue with you about the danger of that website!

  4. When I first saw your post about the 8,000 storms I thought it was a dig….then I looked up where you blog from, you are practically next door. I live in Belmont….I am soooo sick of this weather and I don’t have to deal with street parking and I hope you don’t either. Love the new design and we need all the warmth and bright colors we can get right now! Thank you!

  5. LOVE thea matching set! I noticed the other day as we were bundling up to leave that I had no less than three handknit items wrapped about myself and not a single one of the matched the other. White smocked hat, coral shawlette, and multi-pink mittens. Shameful!

  6. They seem perfect to win over that cold weather we’re having!

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