I’m sure there will be other posts soon, containing details, and logistics, and excitement about my spring class line-up…

But for now, I’m emerging from a flurry of deadlines and planning to take the weekend (when I’m not in class) to cast on for something new for myself. A “comfort food” kind of project. Something out of gorgeous yarn, something that doesn’t require too much thought (but of course will look great at the end anyway), something soothing. Something calm, after the hectic pace of 2011 so far.

And if you’d find it fun, I think I might blog about the process of designing / knitting this while I do so. Any interest?

31 thoughts on “Emerging

  1. I’d be interested! I’m doing something similar on my blog for the sweater I’m currently designing/knitting, though it’s stalled a bit now that I’m in the throes of a busy semester.

  2. yes, please!

  3. Yes, I’m interested! I haven’t really designed anything (but would like to start) and would love to know your process.

  4. I’m interested. I’ll probably still leave the designing to others but I’d be interested to see what’s involved.

  5. If the finished sweater ends up looking like your drawing, it’s going to be adorable! (I also love the look of the Blackstone Tweed; I haven’t had the opportunity to knit with it yet, though.)

  6. Yes! Your class was so inspiring, but I’d love to get a “bird’s eye view” of your process. (Not to mention that I’m a complete fool for tweed. More please!)

  7. Yes! Would definitely be fun!

  8. But, of course!

  9. Yes please! Love that yarn too! Made a sweater for my husband with the Blackstone Tweed and its so wonderful.

  10. Glad you’re through the gauntlet! This new one looks interesting, and of course I’d want to hear about the process!!

  11. Of course we’re interested!

  12. Yes, that would be great!

  13. I’m definitely interested, and I like your sketch of the design already!

  14. Absolutely! I love peeking into the process!

  15. Yes, please! I’d love to follow along!

  16. Totally fun! I’d love to see your ‘process’. I have no knitters nearby; I fly solo. It thrills me to see how we have all developed different techniques to accomplish the same result, and your knits are always lovely and well-fitted.

  17. I’d love to watch your brain in action!

  18. yes, I’d like to learn more about how the designing process works

  19. Yes please – I would be very interested to follow along.
    I any very intrigued by the deisgn that you have sketched out and the yarn (I have been lsuting after it the blackstone tweed for some time now. . . )

  20. Goodness, yes!

  21. Yes! I would use the info to adjust existing patterns to fit me initially. Hopefully, after I master that, I can design for myself.

  22. Yes, yes, yes. Nothing is more fascinating than the creative process. Glad you’re getting a chance to catch your breath.

  23. that would be great! thank you 🙂

  24. Absolutely!! I would love to see your design process. BTW, that yarn is so yummy – I’m knitting a scarf out of it right now.

  25. Yes, that would be lovely! I’d especially love to hear about the thought process that goes on behind decisions.

  26. Of course we’d love to read about your knitting/design process…looking forward to it!

  27. Yes please! I’d love to see the ‘creative process’ at work!

  28. Adding my voice to the chorus of “yes please”!

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