Exciting Times!

Thanks so much for all of your kind words and support for Petrea! I’ll actually be releasing an update of the pattern for those who have purchased it tomorrow–not because of an error, but because I’ve decided I should tweak the sleeve caps on plus sizes (44” bust and above) to provide a better fit.

Speaking of a better plus size fit, I’m embarking on a little project that I hope you can help with. It’s been my worry for some time that the Measurement Charts for plus size women are faulty. I’d like your help in testing my hypothesis by donating your (anonymous) measurements to be averaged and generate a new measurement chart for plus sizes. You can find the chart to fill out here, along with explanations of how to take the measurements and links to the CYCA measurement guidelines in case you’re not sure how to measure yourself.

If I get enough data to feel good about the charts, I’ll commit to offering my patterns in a larger size range; I’ll also provide the chart as a resource for other designers. Thanks for your help!

And finally, FINALLY, I can share with you some very exciting news that I’ve been sitting on for the entirety of the year.

I’m the featured designer in this fall’s issue of Knitscene!

In addition to the profile article and the three sweaters I knit for the designer collection, I also wrote a technical article on modifying your knits. It comes to newsstands in just a few weeks, so be sure to look out for it. (I actually have the yarn to knit two of the sweaters for myself!)

28 thoughts on “Exciting Times!

  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to that issue.

    I’m happy to share my measurements.

  2. Brilliant & simple new designs! I have not bought knitscene for years (at least it seems so) but I will now. And thanks for keeping designing set-in sleeves instead of the nowadays ubiquitous raglan. which does not suit as many as people seem to think,IMHO.

  3. Congratulations for KnitScene! Love that magazine!

  4. I applaud your effort to improve the plus size measurements, and thank you for wanting to increase your pattern sizes.

    I have a hypothesis: I think you’ll probably find that, as much variation as there is among smaller women in measurements, the variation is even bigger among plus-size women who supposedly wear the same “size”. Take all the variation in bone structure and muscle distribution of our thinner sisters and add in additional variety in ways to carry more weight, and I think that explains why it’s so hard to make clothes that fit a broad spectrum of plus-size women.

  5. How exciting! I’ll be looking for that issue!

  6. Congratulations. I’ll be waiting for that issue too.

  7. I shall be watching for fall’s edition of Knitscene – congratulations!

  8. Congratulations on being featured in the fall issue of Knitscene. I love so many of your patterns, but I need to become a little braver and more accomplished with my knitting before I try them.

  9. Congratulations! The preview looks awesome.

  10. That’s so great, Amy! I’ve never looked at that magazine before. I will have to check it out!

  11. Woo Hoo!! I really like the designer profiles Knitscene is showcasing, and I like it even better that you’re it this issue! Congratulations 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you’ve whipped up!

  12. Holy cannoli what awesome news about Knitscene! Can’t wait to get a copy. Congratulations!

  13. Congrats on the issue coming out! I can vouch, having seen the sweaters, that the designs are lovely. And I can’t wait to read the article!! Awesome, awesome, and much deserved. :-))))))

  14. YOWZA congratulations on the knitscene feature!!!! That is SO exciting. I can’t believe you had to sit on that secret for a year, either. My head would explode for sure.

  15. Woot! How exciting for you. Off to check your charts.

  16. Congratulations on the Knitscene feature! That IS very exciting! Looking forward to the issue *and* your F2F in Rhinebeck 🙂

  17. Congratulations on the magazine article and patterns, love the cornsilk pullover!

    Just wanted to add my two cents about the measurement project. (Since you are a math person I suspect you will understand what comes next.) Typically body measures are normally distributed, but since you are concerned with the upper tail, I would definitely plot the data before taking any straight averages because you might be dealing with a subset of skewed data. I’m a statistician, so your data collection project excites me 🙂

  18. Congratulations! I rarely get Knitscene as the styles don’t usually appeal to me (just personal taste), however I will most definitely be getting this issue. I LOVE your designs and sincerely appreciate your desire to help us plus size ladies knit a better fit!

  19. Congratulations! Your designs look amazing as usual. Can’t wait to get that issue.

  20. Well done Amy, and a special thank you for your efforts to perfect the fit for plus sizes – I for one appreciate it and will be happy to provide my measurements.

  21. AHHH congratulations!!! The cornsilk pullover is calling my name!! Gorgeous job!! 🙂

  22. Congratulations on the Knitscene. That’s wonderful!

    Yes, I will be very glad to add my measurements to your chart. Thank you very much for considering all of us 44 inches+. Something that has been problematic for me is that often I’m in between the “regular” and “plus” sizes. I’ve seen plenty of patterns that have a 5-6 inch difference between the sizes closest to mine, whereas every other size included in the pattern is only 2 inches difference from the next. I’ve wanted to knit a 48″ bust, but my only options (besides lots of calculations) were 45 and 54. It’s frustrating when all I want to do is knit!

  23. Congratulations! How very exciting!

  24. Congrats!! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and love the mix of design information / educational features and personal knitblogger stuff. Knitscene is a mag that I always want to buy but can’t always justify; needless to say, the fall issue will be mine. 🙂

  25. I can see today’s images just fine. The rest of the images I am getting the 404 alert. Check with your webmaster.

    Good luck and I hope I can get into one of your classes soon.


  26. As a fellow designer, I totally agree with you about the measurement charts for larger sizes. I’m not sure how good they really are. In fact I feel like that about the measurement charts for all sizes. I’ve looked at a variety of sources for my own measurements charts that I use when designing and they’re all more or less teh same. I’d love to hear more about what you find out. And as a plus size lady I’ll come back and enter my meaurements. Right now it’s very late and i’m too tired to do it but I’ll come back next week.

  27. Thank you for looking at the sizes for plus women. My shoulders are narrow — my bones didn’t get bigger but the soft parts did. I am a size small across the shoulders and a 2x when you get to my hips with 1x in the chest and a large at the waist with some extra rolls between bust and hips. Very curvy. If clothes fit me in the shoulders, I can’t button at the bust or even touch at the hips or baby roll. If I fit to the hips, it is falling off my body on top. I need help finding and making clothing that fits!

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