Mad dash

My speed knitting on the Cooke Cardigan is almost over:

…and then it will be back to deadlines for me. But you know what? I’ll have a sweet cardigan to put on for work, come fall. And that’s so exciting! Maybe it will even be one of my Rhinebeck sweaters.

Are you coming? I’m pretty excited to be teaching there this year; I’ve got two Fit to Flatter classes running on Saturday (9-12 and 1-4). I was excited to hear a couple of days ago that there are only a couple of spots left in the afternoon class, and the morning class is over half full! (So I guess if you want to take the class, sign up soon!)

Between Rhinebeck and Fiber College, I’m teaching at some pretty huge and exciting events this fall. It’s both exciting and nervous–though I know that once I’m actually there, excitement will win out.

Happy knitting!

2 thoughts on “Mad dash

  1. Now, to get you to SAFF next year…..

  2. It’s good that you are knitting something for yourself! The yarn seems to have beautiful colors… It’s good that your classes are popular. Not only do you deserve it, but the concept is very interesting! Look forward to see your FO!

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