The Charles Collection

Guys! It’s finally time to share a project with you that I’ve been working on all year. Kirsten Kapur, Elinor Brown, and I are nearly ready to release a collaborative collection of sweater and accessory patterns:

The Charles Collection is a celebration of great sweaters (from everyday to super special) and accessories for any occasion. We drew our inspiration from Boston’s gorgeous surroundings, long history, and fiber-friendly weather.

Working with this team has been amazing. I was pretty intimidated at first, but Elinor and Kirsten are a joy to work with, and the others we’re collaborating with are also incredible: Caro Sheridan has taken our photos and Jenn Jarvis is our technical editor. We all got together in person early this month to shoot the collection–let me tell you, these women can even make standing around in alpaca in 85-degree heat and 90% humidity fun!

We’re working through the final stages of the collection now, and hope to have it ready to release to you soon! Stay tuned here and in the Ravelry group for details.

Such fun!

7 thoughts on “The Charles Collection

  1. That’s so exciting, Amy! I can’t wait!!

  2. I think this is a fantastic grouping of talented women! I’m so excited to see this!

  3. Wow! I’m so excited for you and to see all the lovelies in this collection!

  4. Oh wow! Can’t wait! I’m not familiar with Elinor Brown, but I will be now! I’ll follow in the Rav group. Can’t wait to see the collection.

  5. Can’t wait! I know the sweaters will be gorgeous.

  6. What a nice project! I look forward to seeing more!

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