Pattern release: The Charles Collection

How freaking excited am I to share this with you?

Words fail.

The Charles Collection, the debut publication of BHK Cooperative, is a 50-page e-book containing 10 knitting patterns designed to please the knitter both in craft and in daily life. The pieces in this collection were inspired by the gorgeous landscape of Boston, a true knitter’s town.

A mix of five sweaters and five accessories, the Charles Collection includes patterns for every skill level and style. Sweaters are offered in 10 sizes ranging from 30 – 54″ in the bust; all include flattering shaping and tailored details.

You will find garments ranging from small to large, from practical to luxurious, from soothing and simple to more rigorous and challenging. Knitted with yarns we love, and in colors that evoke the rich autumn of New England, these pieces are lovely to knit, give, keep, and wear. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

When the always-persuasive Elinor approached me about the idea of doing a collection together, and what did I think about the notion of inviting the uber-talented Kirsten to join us, I basically couldn’t sign up fast enough. We iterated through a couple of ideas before settling on a plan of releasing a collection themed around the exceedingly wool-friendly Boston. The city has a great history, plenty of beautiful foliage and cool, sweater-friendly weather, and generally seemed like a great place to launch what we hope will be a long-lived series of collections.

Working with Elinor and Kirsten was as much of a dream as you’d expect. They’re both funny, quick, and we all share an intense love of color, texture, and handknits that scream “Wear me!”. I’m so, so thrilled to share the results of this first collaboration with you, and please trust me–it won’t be the last.

I have three patterns in The Charles Collection: Two sweaters and a beret. If you’d like the details, please read on! If you’d like to purchase the collection first and read details later, simply click here: Buy Now

(All photos in this post copyright Caro Sheridan and used with permission.)

Beacon Hill is an elegant pullover with a wide boat neckline and gently ballooned sleeves. Trim edgings worked in woven herringbone stitch, with slit hems and smooth sleeve caps, keep this design fresh and wearable. The body is worked back and forth in pieces at the hem and then joined and knit in the round to the armholes; it is then divided once more for front and back. The collar is picked up and worked in herringbone stitch after seaming; the sleeve caps are picked up around the armhole and worked with short rows before continuing to the wrist.

As written, the wide boat neck and ballooned sleeves make Beacon Hill an extremely flattering choice for proportional shapes. Top-heavy shapes might consider narrowing and deepening the neckline; Bottom-heavy shapes might consider a more subtle sleeve. Vertical waist darts give the sweater an easily-customized and figure-flattering shape, and are easily extended into bust darts for knitters who desire them.

The Woolen Rabbit’s Lark yarn is a glorious blend of alpaca, silk, and cashmere with astonishing depth of color. Should you desire to use another yarn, please make sure that it produces a drapey fabric with good body at 7 stitches to the inch. (But really–use Kim’s yarn if at all possible. It’s utterly fantastic. This is my favorite sweater of the collection and I wore it to a swanky dinner when visiting Rhinebeck this year, to much acclaim.) See more details about Beacon Hill here!

New Towne is a versatile, easy-to-wear cardigan with a wide edging of a crochet-like stitch called Rosette Stitch. It is worked in pieces from the bottom up, with faced hems and set-in sleeves. The collar is picked up and worked in long rows after seaming, with some short rows to shape the back neck.

It is meant to be worn either open or closed; the longer length, vertical lines and simple details make New Towne a perfect choice for top-heavy figures. Proportional and bottom-heavy figures wishing to wear New Towne may consider shortening the cardigan by an inch or more; those with larger tummies may consider increasing the width of the front pieces and removing the additional stitches in the neckline shaping. The cardigan uses vertical darts for waist shaping that are easily adapted into bust darts should they be desired.

Blue Sky Alpacas Melange is a wonderful lightweight 100% alpaca with beautiful depth of color. Should you desire to use another yarn, please make sure that it produces a lofty fabric at 5 stitches to the inch and drapes well. This cardigan, with its cozy lofty soft yarn and easy, flattering shape, has been a favorite in every Fit to Flatter class I’ve taught since I completed the sweater. Everyone loves it, and everyone looks great in it. See more details about New Towne here!

Tremont Street is a casual, artistic beret/slouch (depending on how you block it). Worked in a gorgeous wool/silk blend, this cheerful tam will keep you stylish and warm all winter long.

Generally speaking I find I have less to say about hats. (What? They’re hats.) But don’t get me wrong! Alisha Goes Around Bevy of Swans DK is seriously one of the best yarns I’ve worked with this year. I can’t wait to do a sweater out of it. And after you knit the beret, you’ll agree. See all of the technical specs about Tremont Street here.

Like what you see? Want all of the patterns for your very own? Please, feel free to peruse the Collection’s website and preview all of the stunning designs. You can either purchase the collection there, or click below.

The Charles Collection - Buy Now

Thanks so much for your support!

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  1. I am so excited about these patterns! Congratulations on some great teamwork!

  2. you three really do make a great team. Congratulations on creating a book full of beautiful patterns!

  3. Gorgeous patterns Amy – just had to add them to my collection!

  4. wonderful! The photos sing, great wearable designs.

  5. So very excited for all of you — what a wonderful collaboration. The Charles Congratulations! Collection is lovely!!

  6. I totally adore Beacon Hill. ADORE it! Just the sort of sweater I’ve been craving. Congratulations on a great collaboration!

  7. It took me about two seconds to decide to buy your book. There are so many great patterns – they’ll have me knitting all winter. And of course, Caro’s photography is fabulous. I adore this collection!

  8. What a great collection!

  9. Beautiful patterns! Congratulations! I love that hat.

  10. What a great collection of patterns! Kudos to you all on your newly launched collaborative venture!

  11. Beautiful stuff! Congrats, it must be very exciting 🙂

  12. Whoa! Fabulous x 10!

  13. Great patterns and thank you for your suggestions on alternate yarns and adjustments for different body types. I can’t decide between Beacon Hill and the Towne Cardigan!

  14. Well, I’m not supposed to be buying more patterns. But I don’t think I promised not to give people strong suggestions for Christmas gifts! So beautiful, every one. I’m particularly taken with New Towne and North End, which is bizarre given I don’t typically care for cardigans. Congratulations!

  15. LOVE!! Really beautiful work – all of you. 🙂

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