Life seems to be going by too quickly these days, this constant blur of book sweaters and my day job and the kids and their school. How is it that nearly two weeks has passed since my sweater Oscillate was featured in the new (and stunning) issue of Twist Collective?

(Photo credit Jane Heller and used with permission from the Twist Collective.)

Rest assured I’ll do a full post on Oscillate soon, but for now please do look through this latest issue. Every time Twist comes out I think they’ve done the best issue ever, and this time is no exception.


I have two more classes before the end of the calendar year, and for a wonder there’s still space in both! Please, if you’ll be in the Boston area consider joining me at The Creative Stitch in Hingham. This will be my third time teaching Fit to Flatter there, and it’s such a lovely space. You can call the shop at 781-749-2280 to sign up.

And the family made a somewhat last-minute to spend an extended weekend in San Jose visiting friends this December, so I’m teaching a special 6-hour workshop at Purlescence Yarns in Sunnyvale on December 10. This is a great chance to have a wonderful time exploring the Fit to Flatter topic in more depth than I can usually cover in a 3-hour class, and I’m unlikely to get back to the Bay Area for another 6 months, so don’t miss out! You can call the shop to sign up: (408) 735-YARN (9276)


My other plans for the rest of the year involve at least three more sweaters. I hope that one of them winds up being a self-published design that I am itching to wear^H^H^H^Hshare with you! I’m going to try offering two different sleeve lengths and two different necklines in one sweater–kind of like 4 patterns in one. We’ll see how it goes.

Happy knitting!

6 thoughts on “Scrambling

  1. You are a busy, busy, lady! Three sweaters before the end of the year? Wowee! Congratulations on the latest design. As usual, your designs are thoughtful and precise, which I really love!

  2. Oscillate is beautiful! Kudos!

  3. Oscillate is gorgeous. Looking forward to the 4in1 design. Thanks for all you do for knitters and knitting.

  4. Oscillate is beautiful. After discovering your blog and your Fit to flatter program, you have inspired me to knit a sweater for me. thank you for nourishing my knitting soul.

  5. This sweater is STUNNING! I am in love.

  6. LOVE, love, love this sweater – the color is amazing and the design is so feminine

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