It’s been so very long, and the photos came out so very well, that I think I might just go crazy if I have to wait weeks and weeks to release Trimmings.

So I won’t! Look for this one close to the end of the month. It’ll be my first self-published design since we released The Charles Collection. (And the last one I did on my own was, I think, Wintry Mix, back in last September! Egads!)

Of course, I’m knitting away on Caulfield while my fantastic technical editor does her magic. Once that’s done, I have at least one more striped number up my sleeve, a special sweater for Rhinebeck, some ultra-fab secret knitting, at least one bit of cabley goodness for fall, perhaps another BHK Cooperative collection in the works, and…


I’d better get knitting, eh?

7 thoughts on “Psssst!

  1. Amy, I swear you must knit in your sleep! Seriously, I have no idea how you’re able to get as much done as you do.

  2. It looks lovely Amy – I’m glad you’re in a hurry to publish. I broke my ankle a few weeks ago so have been knitting madly while it heals and will be ready for a new project on the needles soon 🙂

  3. Loving the stripes – can’t wait for the reveal!

  4. Can’s wait to see the neckline on these sweaters; but a little more time would be helpful so I can finish up the sweater for my daughter before new temptations come my way.

  5. Can’t wait to see All the results of your hard work! This little snippet will keep me — for now! And know I’ll get a great-fitting sweater as a result. The upcoming HHHot ( hazy, hot and humid) may not keep me away from my WIP after all…

  6. The happiest of birthdays to you. Just got back from a trip to Slovenia! They have a great lace making tradition but, alas, no yarns shops of which to speak…

  7. Happy birthday. I too have just turned 37, and am a maths nerd. I always thought of 37 as being a bit ‘ugly’ (perhaps only maths nerds understand emotional responses to numbers) where as 36 is excellent. I clearly have a prejudice against primes and towards extremely composite numbers. Maybe I should revise my view.

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